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These influences pose either optimistic or pessimistic impacts to the society at hand. The complexity of the impacts of globalization on the world cultures has over the time portrayed…
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Issues in behavioral science
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Effects of Globalization on Native Non-Western Cultural Practices Introduction Globalization entails the influence of modernized nations on the non-developed societies. These influences pose either optimistic or pessimistic impacts to the society at hand. The complexity of the impacts of globalization on the world cultures has over the time portrayed diversity. The western corporations and international businesses have immensely contributed to the aggressive spread of ideas, market economics, goods, and communication technologies (Bliss, 2007). Consequently, the western culture has found its way creeping across the globe thus causing great challenges to the local cultures. Many people from the non-western countries often find themselves encompassed by the western culture making them undermine their local culture. Subsequently, cultural globalization reduces the diversity between global societies and on the other hand increases the diversity of individual choice.
A. Examples of Native Non-Western Cultures
Zimbabwe and Kenya portray two of the most distinctive cultures greatly submerged in the pool of the western culture. The controversies that arise from cultural diversity tend to lay their basis on the dynamics of contemporary cultural growth. International relationships or amalgamation of countries due to change in technology has become a major concern to cultural change (Bliss, 2007). In response to cultural change due to globalization, both the society of Zimbabwe and Kenya have with time completely changed from their local cultural lifestyles to adoption of foreign cultures.
Before transformation, both cultures had a very different conception of lifestyle compared to their recent mode of life. They observed strict observance of the local customs and values. For instance, the mode of dressing which was perceived before transformation has greatly changed. Moreover, change in language and change approach of cultural customs has become diverse due to interaction with different invaders and indigenous inhabitants (Mensah, 2008). A case common in both countries which entails a custom of sitting around the fireplace and listening to stories has changed with technology thus having children using computers and televisions. This explains the influence of globalization and western culture on the local societies.
B. 1.Causes of the Influences in Kenya
As a growing society, Kenya has experienced diverse changes in its culture. It is evident that the western culture has polluted Kenyan’s culture in quite a number of several ways. Cultural diversity in Kenya being of major concern revolves under globalization. It is evident that the need to expand economically has enhanced cultural changes. In order to improve technologically, Kenya is bound to adopt the western norms and cultural lifestyles a way of seeking new inventions and innovations (Gona & Wa-Mungai, 2010). The interrelationship between Kenya and the western societies during trade has led to the Kenyans adopting their cultural behaviors thus abandoning their own. Moreover, colonization of Kenya by the Europeans also led to the adoption of their culture.
2. Nature of influence: direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional, and positive or negative
Kenya experienced a indirect, intentional, and positive influence from the western society. In order to enforce their culture in Kenya, its western colonizers had to gain appreciation slowly from the society. They therefore came as missionaries and traders (Gona & Wa-Mungai, 2010). With this, they were able to earn the hearts of the local people intentionally. The changes that came along with the foreign invaders were of optimistic impact to the society. For instance, change in technology which led to economic growth.
3. Societys Response to the Influence
Both global and cultural change in Kenya was not met with a positive response. Most natives opposed the implementation of the western culture in Kenya. However, with time, most people have come to appreciate new ideas, new products, and new cultural lifestyles especially the youth who view these changes as progressive and exhilarating (Bliss, 2007). It is important to note that cultural changes free people from oppressive traditions thus creating opportunities for people to mingle in creative ways.
Conclusively, globalization has over the past decades reshaped and transformed the world. Like change, globalization and cultural customs are sequential and undergo a series of changes. It is through these changes increased economic growth, competition and global productivity has thrived. Though globalization has impacted the society positively, control of the rate is paramount in enhancing better living standards (Mensah, 2008).
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Issues in Behavioral Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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