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Personal Leadership Development Strategy - Research Paper Example

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This paper highlights my strategic development plan, my vision, and mission statements, value system, core competencies, current leadership style, and ideal leadership style. The paper offers an outline of the strategies that I use to transition from my current leadership style to the ideal one…
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Personal Leadership Development Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages As a leader, I have developed an integrated value system defined by personal values, social values, family values, and professional values. I have developed personal values such as commitment and devotion, self-awareness, approachability, aggressiveness, courage, reliability, and resilience. Moreover, I hold strong family values that include self-sacrificing love, understanding, responsibility, and respect. These have been the hallmark defining the happiness in my family. It is worth mentioning that I have deep respect and concern for the societal members, and that I support the improvement of the social welfare. Concerning my professional values, I give accord to both people and tasks, communicate effectively, and inspire others. Moreover, I involve others in decision-making, considering their opinion. I appreciate the potential of teamwork and the efficiency associated with teams.After a self-appraisal, I have realized that I exhibit a transactional form of leadership. This I have focused on offering employees a range of incentives as a form of motivation. The words of Nikita Khrushchev that incentives imparted people with the motivation to work have served as a guideline in my current leadership. In the spirit of this kind of this kind of leadership, I have introduced multiple incentive programs that seek to motivate the workers. I have relied on the theories of both positive and negative reinforcement to motivate the employees to register a high level of performance.(Brower & Balch, 2005). Currently, the organization has a salary increment scheme based on one’s performance. Workers who register a high performance receive salary increments in every six months. On the other hand, the individuals registering little effort in their performance and those declining in performance receive a lower salary. An additional incentive system is a health insurance system that exhibits a level of comprehensiveness because it covers most of the employee medical needs. Being one of the incentives, only workers who engage in viable research that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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