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The Diversity of HR Practices or policies employed by different branches of a Multinational Corporation in two countries and the - Assignment Example

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The Diversity of HR Practices employed by different branches of a Multinational Corporation in two countries and their Respective influence on the operation of the organization Name Professor Course Date Definition of the research This research will seek to present the initial findings of multi-national companies’ employment practices…
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The Diversity of HR Practices or policies employed by different branches of a Multinational Corporation in two countries and the
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Download file to see previous pages Logistic analysis has been used to study the comparative impact of human resource organisational structures. There are many determinants to an organisations corporate human resource’s involvement in setting subsidiary level human resource policy up to and including the laws that exist in the country of origin. Literature search, strategy and aims In this paper, we will try to argue that human resource structures arbitrate the impact of the country of origin and the current host country of the subsidiary. For coca cola, the results we found tend to support an arbitration effect: it is important to note that the effects of country of origin on corporate human resource’s role are umpired by human resource structures for United States of America’s companies but the same is not true for Nigeria’s companies. The findings also imply that the salience of human resource structures as apparatus for influencing auxiliary level human resource policy is not universal across all multi-national companies’. Data was collected from the company website, “Management, 4th edition” by Englewood Cliffs, “How institutions evolve: insights from comparative historical analysis” by Streeck, W. ...
By doing this, the companies improve their competitive edge. In this report we will consider the overseas multi-national company Coca-Cola and seek to find out how it is as a player in globalisation at the general level. Multinationals tend to act as channels for the movement of the ‘incumbent’ set of laws of the domicile’s national business structure by controlling auxiliary level guiding principles and practices. This report considers the scope in which the structural features of the United Kingdom’s Coca-Cola plant differs from that of Nigeria in corporate human resource at the organisational level. Preliminary review and evaluation of the relevant literature To a large extent, the coca cola company since it began operations, has had the lavishness of having to deal with a relatively narrow set of financial, cultural, and even legal requirements, as most of the countries it operates in are basically very entrepreneurial and competitive societies. For a company that is running numerous businesses overseas, it is usually not blessed with such relative homogeneity. For example, the least number of legally authorized holidays may vary from none in a country like the United Kingdom to five weeks annually in Nigeria. Currently, a very troubling issue is the need for every company to tighten its security and that of its employees; this is mostly due to the acts of terrorism that have been witnessed in the past. Coca cola just like most other companies has been training its employees especially those who are to be sent to places such as Colombia and Nicaragua, where kidnapping of alien managers is the order of the day. How the human resource function is handled in multinational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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