Whether Differences in Flexible Working Practices Constitute a Barrier to Multinational Corporations - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Whether Differences in Flexible Working Practices Constitute a Barrier to Multinational Corporations" highlights that flexible working and work-life balance practices have been recognized in many countries as effective in rewarding and motivating employees and their families. …
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Whether Differences in Flexible Working Practices Constitute a Barrier to Multinational Corporations
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Extract of sample "Whether Differences in Flexible Working Practices Constitute a Barrier to Multinational Corporations"

Download file to see previous pages It is notable that most multinational corporations are experiencing the cross-national transfer of human resource practices in the expansive and widely spread subsidiaries. Flexible working human resource practices are becoming common in most corporations across the world. This practice involves flexible working arrangements in which the employers and employees agree on the flexible way of approaching work. Multi-national corporations and companies adopt this practice to attract a wide range of skills for flexible working positions (Romer 2011). These policies enhance employees to juggle their personal lives and work, this enables workers to be able to work at their convenience in any location. This approach of doing work within this flexibility varies from different employers and employees across subsidiaries in various countries (Ester 2008). Work-life balance practices in corporations are designed to enhance employees to be able to balance their work and their commitments with other personal responsibilities (Flechl 2010). Most companies have adopted these policies because of the positive impact on the employee’s motivation both in the workplace and away from work. In addition, these policies are essential in conflict minimization thus influencing positively employee experience in their personal life and performance at work (Batt 2003). These policies generally minimize conflicts between work and the commitments of family. Therefore, ascribing from this it can be argued that multinational companies adopt these policies to enhance employee satisfaction. As stated earlier that most companies have expanded to overseas markets opening subsidiaries and branches there are urgent issues to design the overall human resource system to fit into the context of these countries.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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