Human Resource Management Practices in China and the UK - Essay Example

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The essay illustrates examples of human resource management practices in China and the UK and evaluates the extent to which convergence and divergence between countries are possible. Effective HR functioning is critical to every company’s striving to formulate and deliver its business objectives…
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Human Resource Management Practices in China and the UK
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Download file to see previous pages This essay aims to identify, discuss and evaluate the national differences in HRM practices and views between China and the UK, based on the findings across numerous literature sources. An effective use of knowledge that was obtained in the study will enable to understand how companies of these two countries can manage diverse workforce and how it is better to handle the diverse employees.
With the openness of boarders, companies across the world have started to pay more concerns as to what factors affected the abilities of nations and the business to better adapt to the new economic and social changes in order to be more achievement-oriented.
Thus, different national cultures appeared to have different HRM implications, which are the integral part of each company’s striving to gain a competitive edge. However, one of the challenges that organizations collide with during the globalization of their operations is the adaptation of HR practices to the new and different cultures and the creation of operation manners to suit both comfortable and appropriate to the organization and those cultures. This challenge is central for all multinational organizations
The globalization has created greater numbers of areas in business, where the wide variety of cultures is represented in their workforce. With an attempt to treat each culture differently and with respect, there appeared practical issues in doing business, such as need to take into account the various religious and secular holidays and the official language of the workforce
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