Training and development at Shell: A study exploring the transfer of HR policies between the UK and Oman sectors of the business - Essay Example

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Learning organisations expect to use appropriate training to lead to improved performance, productivity and profit (Boyle, 2002).
When establishing subsidiaries in foreign countries, multi-national…
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Training and development at Shell: A study exploring the transfer of HR policies between the UK and Oman sectors of the business
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Extract of sample "Training and development at Shell: A study exploring the transfer of HR policies between the UK and Oman sectors of the business"

Download file to see previous pages This proposal aims at laying down the foundation blocks for the research. A brief review of the organisation selected and generic review of the training policies would be giving with an intention to establish the research gap, and the contributions the researcher intends to make. A methodology for conducting the research, including the sampling methods would be produced. Towards the end the limitation of the proposed strategy along with the proposed research outline and timeline would be giving. Also the resources required for the successful competition of the research would be analysed.
Since Royal Dutch Shell is not just a company but all a Learning Organization, the company seeks high quality performance, productivity among their employees. Thus, this paper will seek to analyze and measure the transfer of HR Policies between UK and Oman sectors and its effect to Shell.
The research objective is to examine the extent to which HR policy used at corporate headquarters is transferred to the subsidiaries of the multinational company, Shell. To do this, the research will look at training in general and will then use a case study approach to examine the policies in the UK and those in Oman. Finally, this paper will look at whether these differences or similarities have considerable effects on the employees or the company.
Royal Dutch Shell is a multinational oil company of British and Dutch origins. It is active in over 130 countries and employs 108,000 people worldwide ( It is one of the largest private sector energy corporations in the world and comprises of a number of energy and petrochemical companies. The company’s head offices are in The Hague and London.
Shell Middle East has it headquarter in Riyadh the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Shell is a global group of companies for the petrochemicals and energy. The aim of the shell group is to meet the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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