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Multinational Corporations and Living Wage - Essay Example

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This work "Multinational Corporations and Living Wage" focuses on the question of whether a multinational corporation conducting business in a developing nation is obligated to pay its employees a living wage. The author outlines that a corporation is obligated to pay its employees, whether contracted or subcontracted, a living wage. …
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Multinational Corporations and Living Wage
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Extract of sample "Multinational Corporations and Living Wage"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike the current immigrants who labor in the illicit sweatshops of North America and Europe, laborers in developing countries basically have no alternative to the law or social service agencies. Activists have been seeking ways to improve the wellbeing of these employees by putting pressure on the multinational corporations to adhere to labor laws, prevent intimidation, better health and safety standards, and pay a living wage in their global sourcing operations (Varley, 2008). 
One test of a healthy ethical theory is its capability to bring to light ethical challenges. One of the ethical censures of Immanuel Kant’s ethical philosophy is that it is too theoretical and official to be of any value in practical decision making. In this paper, I will argue that Kant’s idea of human dignity offers an explicit basis for grounding the duties of employers to workers (Bowie, 2004). In particular, I will argue that respecting the dignity of employees demands that multinational corporations offer a living salary for employees. This paper will also address the protest by some analysts that offering a living wager is likely to bring about greater harm to the community than good.
Opponents of sweatshops often base their protests in calls to honor human dignity and human rights. Debatably, Kantian ethics offers a philosophical basis for such ethical calls. The main theory here is Kant’s second formulation of the definite imperative, which implores people to act so that they may treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of another, always as an end and not as a means only (Hill, 2002). The popular meaning of this is that morality demands that ethics calls for the respect of other people. One important facet of the thought of respect for individuals is that its genesis and use can be reviewed autonomously of other rudiments of Kantian ethical philosophy. Compassionate readers do not necessarily have to have to all elements of Kant’s system of morality in order to grant the worth of Kant’s opinions for the second formulation of the categorical imperative. The reason for this is that the basis on which Kant bases his argument of respect for people is based on the widely accepted view individuals have a gift of rational, self-governing activity (Bowie, 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multinational Corporations and Living Wage Essay.
(Multinational Corporations and Living Wage Essay)
Multinational Corporations and Living Wage Essay.
“Multinational Corporations and Living Wage Essay”.
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