Sustainability Consultancy Report - Coursework Example

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The current report will concern consultancy sustainability of Business Insider consultancy group. The group has a diverse portfolio which includes handling local entrepreneurial ventures to overseeing business transactions for multinational companies…
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Sustainability Consultancy Report
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Download file to see previous pages The company has a good business model. In fact, the company can be described as a second wave corporation. This comes from the fact that the company, despite seeking to be profitable from the resources it has in terms of timber and employees, seeks to ensure that its operations become sustainable in the long run. In this case, one of the issues that affect the company is the availability of raw materials. In the acquisition of timber, there are many policies and by laws that the company has to abide by to ensure that it does not breach the laws. This eventually impacts on the company’s performance and productivity. Other than that, the company has to deal with the issues of employee turnovers. It is evident that out of the sixteen thousand employees that the company has, the levels of productivity are not full exploited. The company should come up with a way of outsourcing some of the services that it needs. Just as it outsources for supplies, the company can incorporate other aspects of outsourcing to improve its levels of efficiency. For the sustainability of the business even in the years to come, the company should seek to expand into other markets strategically. Currently, being located in Sweden, the company only manages to reach out to a given market niche which is not that wide. In this regards, the company should consider exploring other markets which are most promising in terms of return on investments. Therefore, the company should also embrace emerging technologies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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