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Organizational Consultant for We Make Widgets, Inc - Report Example

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The author of the "Organizational Consultant for We Make Widgets, Inc" paper solves some work-life balance problems prevalent among the top leadership of this company. With this end in mind, the author studies some popular literature to understand the basics of work-life balance. …
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Organizational Consultant for We Make Widgets, Inc
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Extract of sample "Organizational Consultant for We Make Widgets, Inc"

Download file to see previous pages Work-life balance is variously interpreted by different people. To some, work-life balance is doing a job, where work is a means to support life, while to others it means to be in employment where stress is kept in manageable limits. Broadly, it means to arrive at a ‘fit’ or have the right combination of professional requirements and other aspects of life including parenting, socializing, exercising and indulging in activities that promote mental and spiritual growth.

The right workplace balance depends upon individual interests, work demands and physical stamina (Moore-Thorpe, 2007). Nevertheless, work-life balance is a mainstream issue, which is a result of changing demographics and social trends (Bevan cited at Hayward, 2006; Saltzstein, Ling, Saltzstein, 2001) and changing legislations. According to Hayward (2006),
“changing Flexible Working Regulations 2002 give those with responsibility for a child's upbringing (under 6 or if disabled under 18) the right to request a variation in working hours or working from home (p 4).”

Whereas the Flexible Working Regulations 2002 legislation is a step in the right direction, statutes may also be required to help the employees carry out their duties in other roles in the family as well.

Work-life balance is dependent upon the right workplace culture and individual priorities. The right workplace culture, practices and policies, help the managers to carry out their professional commitments and meet obligations of the family, maintain good health, avoid absenteeism, and keep stress under control. Conversely, higher stress levels, and long and inflexible work schedules, disturb the work-life balance.

Work-life balance helps in creating the right work culture and increasing the efficiency and productivity of the organization. With the correct work-life balance, managers also get enough time to indulge in their roles as parents, spouses, children, and caregivers.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Consultant for We Make Widgets, Inc Report.
“Organizational Consultant for We Make Widgets, Inc Report”.
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