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How the Development the Right Kind of Leaders and the Establish a Dynamic Working Environment Can Affect the Growth of the Company - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that developing company leaders and building teams can quite a challenge, especially for start-up companies. Good leaders are difficult to find and since there are a lot of opportunities for good leaders, these people are even harder to keep. …
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Extract of sample "How the Development the Right Kind of Leaders and the Establish a Dynamic Working Environment Can Affect the Growth of the Company"

Download file to see previous pages In the same manner, if the leader does not know how to set his or her organization in the right direction, the organization will not be productive (Blanchard et al 2005). In fact, a misguided organization may not even survive in a very competitive environment.
In today’s business environment, an organization needs to have the right kind of leader to stay competitive. As a consultant for an organization, my task is to advise my client quality of leadership and improving teamwork success. To go about these tasks, General Electric Inc under the leadership of Jack Welch, Apple Inc under Steve Jobs and Microsoft under the leadership of Bill Gates as my model. General Electric Inc is one of the leading companies in the country today and it has been through a lot of challenges in its bid to stay on top. On the other hand, Apple Inc is one of the pioneers in the field of technology. This company has produced some of the selling gadgets in the market today. Moreover, I will touch on the teamwork of Federal Express’ newest addition to its group, the FedEx Kinko. Although FedEx Kinko is relatively new, it has drawn a wealth of ideas from the experience of FedEx itself so this company is more or less on the right track when it comes to its company goals and strategies. In order for a company to move forward and in the right direction, it needs to attract the right kind of leaders to run its affairs. As a consultant, I will advise my client to (a) hire the right kind of people that can lead the company to the next level, (b) develop a leadership and management style that nurture its people and harness their full potentials, (c) create an environment that facilitates dynamic exchange of ideas (d) create a working environment where the team members have a sense of ownership over the outcomes of the company’s projects and undertaking and (e) create a working environment where the team members are given recognition for their contribution to their company.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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