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The Role of Behavior in Successful Leadership - Essay Example

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This paper concerns the information important for understanding the key factors for successful leadership in organizations. "The Role of Behavior in Successful Leadership" provides the most important features of acceptable behavior and the way how it works in different cases…
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The Role of Behavior in Successful Leadership
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Extract of sample "The Role of Behavior in Successful Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages Organizations are looking for leaders who have the appropriate behavior that contributes towards the growth and success of the company (Bennis, 1998). Leadership behavior is crucial in driving an organization's goals. It is important to note that such behavior must be ethical. Organizations have been encouraging ethical behavior in leaders as a response to scandals in media. Ethical behavior contributes to the conduct of workers. In the wake of many prominent institutional scandals, unethical behavior is widely publicized, castigated and eliminated (McGregor, 1960). Research and theory suggest that effective leaders should influence ethics in an organization. Understanding leadership behavior and skills enhance ethical behavior in any organization. It is important to highlight basic leadership behavior that a person should acquire (Wright, 1996). A team leader should be able to communicate effectively to empower the followers to act following the policies. Effective communication will help the members of the team to understand the set goal. The best approach while communicating with the team members is consultation. It entails active listening to members’ concerns and opinions. Ethical behavior in a leader also entails providing feedback (Bennis, 1998).  Good leadership requires that a leader recognize the development needs of the members. The leader should identify and recognize the development desires of the members and formulate a process that ensures each member need is developed. Leaders have to set objectives and motivate the group to attain them. Effective leaders will set identifiable, achievable and clear goals. The leader will plan these objectives and observes the progress of the members against these objectives. Members of the team are to be encouraged to be innovative and creative when solving problems.             According to Wright (1996), successful leadership calls for modeling acceptable behavior. In this case, the manager is supposed to act as a role model for the rest of the team. The situation is achievable when the leader demonstrates acceptable and ethical behavior. Role modeling is a vital aspect of the growth of individual members of the team. It acts as an example of the required behavior and performance. Leadership styles are ways through which leaders make use of their knowledge to lead their group (McGregor, 1960). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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