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Organizational Behaviour Leadership Paper Introduction "The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already" - John Buchan Everybody wants to be a great leader, which is easier dreamt than achieved…
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Orgninzational behaviour Leadership paper
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Download file to see previous pages I will use my motivational skills to extract the best from them to prove my competency. I will use my full intelligence and innovativeness to make each employee contribute the best to the company, happily. I will use my responsibility as a leader to make life easier for the people working under me and make them achieve new heights in their career at the same time. To be a leader is to be responsible. To be responsible for our own life and all others following us is no easy task. As an IT project manager in the banking sector and the only female to occupy the position in my team, I look forward to a bright future. My aim is to serve as a leader capable of creating a difference. I hope to put my business management skills to their best use and explore versatile fields in the future ending up as a project manager in a couple of years. I constantly keep updating my educational qualifications and developing my interpersonal skills to do the same effectively. There are so many things employees expect from their leaders. Honesty and transparency are the basic foundation of good leadership. Competence and empathy are the best adornments for any leader. A caring leader not capable of inspiring the team to achieve the target will be of little use to the company as well as the employees. Similarly, a demanding one who does not care about his follower’s situation cannot create a trustworthy team. ...
Being an example of what you want your followers to be is the first step towards successful leadership. The second step is motivating them or luring them with the benefits of being competent and perfect. The third step is to help them achieve the same by eliminating any problems they have. The main challenge is to win the trust of the employees and manage time effectively. So many followers doubt the leaders who take extra care with them. It is the leader's duty to make them understand their well being is as important as achieving target. Managing time to set everybody's problem right might be an issue at first. But, it can be managed easily with the help of the other team members. The very fact that the leader is caring more will extract more sincerity from the employee’s side, making them solve their problems themselves. The main impact a woman leader creates in a work place in general is a surprise. One female leadership inspires many more women to come up successfully in their career rather than get satisfied with the position they are currently in. There is a general belief that good deeds go unrewarded and only power can help gain respect and influence. Proving power can be used to help people in productive ways is the major fact I wish to establish. There are several tools to do the same. Intelligence, empathy and competence are the most important of all. Any grim situation can be turned into a favourable one if a person is calm and creative enough to analyze the pitfall in it. Good leadership can simply make or break an organization. There are five practices necessary for exemplary leadership which can transform any worst team into star performers. They are communication, honesty and integrity, creativity and innovation and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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