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International Political Development - Assignment Example

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This paper "International Political Development" focuses on the two main concepts of development. These are the orthodox and the critical concept. The Orthodox concept states that development should be measured in a more numerical form such as through the Gross Domestic Product…
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International Political Development
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Download file to see previous pages By the establishment of markets for various commodities, underdevelopment and poverty can be easily eradicated because there is increased diversification, production, and industrialization. Goods and services that are available through a market-based economy increase the quality of life of people within the society. The whole community benefits from trading services since the individuals that are directly involved in the trade are able to accumulate wealth while the community is able to benefit from the distribution of resources that enable them to get access to better products and services.The other point of view in regards to development is the critical approach. This differs from the orthodox view as it disagrees that the only way in which development can be measured is in numerical terms. It notes that there are various other forms of transactions that occur in these types of societies such as barter transactions and these are not accounted for in the Orthodox concept. The informal sector plays a very important role in regards to these societies. According to the critical approach, development is measured by the ability of a certain group of people to be able to meet their immaterial and material needs (Development, 2009). Given that each society has their own views in regards to what they need, there cannot be a universal standard to measure for development. Each society, therefore, has to set their own standards that are in relation to their requirements. These can, therefore, be broken down into 3 wide areas and they include the ability of the people to obtain the basic human needs, the political empowerment of the marginalized people and the state of the natural environment.The Orthodox concept of development argues that consistent underdevelopment is as a result of poor regulations and policies by the state legislatures. To promote trade, these poor states can have legislation that enables them to protect their internal industries from external protection. This is despite the fact that these industries might not have any comparative advantage in that sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Political Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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