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Questions 1 and 2 - Essay Example

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Questions 1 and 2 Name: Institution: \ Questions 1 and 2 1. Role of NGOs in the relationship between Government, Business and Society Business activities conducted within the society. The various components of the society thus become the environmental aspects of business ventures…
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Questions 1 and 2
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Download file to see previous pages This includes to the society, government, world, and the community (Peter, 1997: p.112). The foremost purpose of the development of a business is not to attest to these responsibilities but is the responsibility to itself; making profits. Other aspects of the market and non market components also have effect on the business and are also in turn affected by the business. Issues such as the population, government regulations, environmental conservation and social health responsibility are in effect of this. NGOs are entities created by individuals or groups within the society to deal with certain issues in the society through advocating, lobbying, electoral support, judicial action and coalition building. In order to deal with such issues, they may even sometimes conform to public and private politics. This is for the business to correct its issues and consumers to attain their rights. Such NGOs act as watch dogs for the external components of business such as the environment and people. Through such ways as discussed above they are able to ascertain for the fulfillment of the responsibilities that the business has. In the conduction of this, it also acts as a check on the governments effects on the business environment that in turn affect the people. This is through actions such as harsh regulations and taxes. ...
This includes such aspects as discussed above on environmental, societal, regulatory and employee consideration. This has culminated the advent of altruistic behavior in organizations fearing tainting their image, lobbyism against them and law suits. It can so be concluded that, NGOs do play a particularly crucial role in ensuring adherence to responsibilities by corporations and organizations thus positive behavioral actions (Keck, 1998: p.56). 2. Regulation of HRM activities of MNCs via the introduction of Minimum Labor Standards into international agreements on free trade Multinational corporations are currently extremely emerged in the economies of the world. This has brought about the development of super powers, and this superiority over other nation’s economies has its adverse effects. Issues such as employment creation, improved living conditions, and industrialization are some of the benefits of such international trade. On the other hand, there are adverse effects such as the killing of local industries, social dumping, tax evasions and illegalities within the corporations that may occur (Tarrow, 2005: p.86). As a result of these various effects, it is of the suggestion that the human resource management activities of multinational corporations should be checked through the introduction of minimum labor standards into the international free trade agreements. Through the application of such minimum labor standards, some of the multinational corporations that consider themselves with key investors in the foreign economies kept at bay. As, such they lack the opportunity to threaten such economies with the rights ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Questions 1 and 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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