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Universally effective and desirable leadership attributes - Essay Example

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Global leadership is different in perspective from domestic leadership in that a leader in global leadership has to have a global mind-set on top of the attributes of a good leader that will help him enact strategies that will help realise the overall enterprise vision. …
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Universally effective and desirable leadership attributes
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Download file to see previous pages Essential leadership characteristics include: leadership inspiration (feeling the need to lead but not by searching for power/leadership forcefully), drive, self-confidence (this accounts for emotional stability as a leader), integrity and honesty, knowledge, and intellectual ability. There is little proof that versatility, creativeness and charisma are traits that should be exhibited by leaders. Our belief is that the important leadership traits always come in handy in enabling a leader to acquire skills necessary for coming up with a desired achievable vision and taking the necessary measures in the implementation of the vision.
This is a paper that is interested in highlighting the effectiveness and desirability of leadership traits universally with regard to being an international leader. I will show, in this paper on universal effectiveness and desirable leadership attributes that are constituted and exhibited by an international leader, illustration and some examples of the traits that an international leader should exhibit. Leadership has been described by some as the procedure of public influence that one individual can solicit the help and assistance of other people in a bid to successfully perform and conclude a prevalent task.
Another common definition of leadership is that it is a process in which a particular person influences a group of people for the achievement of a common vision. (Northouse, 2007, p3). A leader is that said to be the person in charge of the group accomplishing the task. He is the one with the ability to his influence and other traits while commanding a group for the accomplishment of the desired task. Concepts of leadership In accordance to Bass, the concept of leadership declares that there exist three primary approaches to describe how individuals are initiated to leadership (Bass, 1990, pp. 20). The approach depicted in the first two describes the leadership growth for some individuals. One of the concepts of leadership is that a person may rise to the occasion when an important event or a looming crisis occurs making the individual to behave like a leader and exhibit some of the important traits necessary for leadership. An example of such a leader is Nelson Mandela. He grew up in South Africa a normal person like any other but due to the invasion of South Africa by colonialist he rose to the occasion to fight for the independence of his people and this made him recognised as a hero. This is called the great events concept. The other trait is referred to as the Trait concept (Schwartz 2010). This is the concept that says that some individual traits will act as a natural guide to people that will lead them leadership tasks/roles. The third concept is the process or transformational leadership concept. It states that leadership traits can be learnt and thus people have the ability to become leaders by choice. Global leadership The interdisciplinary research of the key components that leaders of the future in all areas of the personal expertise should obtain to successfully get familiar themselves with the emotional, physical, regional, anthropological, geopolitical and sociological results of globalization is referred to as global leadership (Hayes, 2011). Global leadership takes place when a person or a group of people get around collaborative initiatives of distinct stakeholders through ecological sophistication towards a perspective by utilizing a global attitude. As an effect of styles, that start at colonialism and get perpetuated by the increase in press channels, advancement that come to being due to interconnection on networks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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