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Leadership: Globalization in the World Market - Term Paper Example

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A paper "Leadership: Globalization in the World Market" discusses that Globalization impacts the strategy, culture, and structure and it has developed a crucial need of internationally competent leaders and it is now considered a success factor for multinational companies…
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Leadership: Globalization in the World Market
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Extract of sample "Leadership: Globalization in the World Market"

Download file to see previous pages The reason for this consideration is the ever-increasing globalization in the world market. There are hardly any organizations which are untouched by globalization today. Globalization impacts the strategy, culture, and structure and it has developed a crucial need of internationally competent leaders and it is now considered a success factor for multinational companies. Describing a Leader We can multiple definitions for leaders; Warren Bennis defines leadership as a capacity to translate the visions into reality, Bill Gates mentions “ as we look into the next century ahead, we will see leaders are the ones who are in power” (Kruse, 2013). In the past we have witnessed organizations cutting costs, laying off the staff and eliminating unprofitable liabilities. To make sure that growth and competitiveness are maintained it is crucial to invest in leadership talent which can perform in an international environment. In a nutshell, we can safely say that globalization requires the businesses today to have the leaders who can manage effectively in multicultural organizations. (Chally International, n.d.). The aim of the report The aim of this report is to present the critical aspects of leadership particularly in the context of a global vs. a domestic leader and evaluate which attributes are essential to make a good leader. This is especially important in the universal contexts and how successfully those attributes operate in the business environment. The understanding of a concept is determined by the essential traits and attributes exhibited by a person. There are a number of definitions which we can find on leadership and a number of cases we can study. This report particularly aims to clarify the confusion between the leadership in a global context and leadership in a domestic context. We will look at some common traits for every leader, and then we will study a comparative analysis which highlights the important difference in traits in a domestic and international leader. The differences are not only theoretical distinctions, but they are the differences in mindsets, capabilities and cultural awareness. This report will analyze those behaviors which differentiate the mentioned factors. Global leaders have to deal with greater complex issues as most of the researchers believe, this report will analyze those complex issues by providing some examples. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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