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Multicultural organization - Research Paper Example

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Multicultural Organization Introduction In the present day diversity norms and regulations in all the organizations across the globe has been a widely practiced phenomenon. Most of the organizations have created a pool of talent that come from different backgrounds…
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Multicultural organization
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Download file to see previous pages This research paper studies the various characteristics of the multicultural organizations that practice diversity principles and how they contribute to the competitive advantage of the organizations. Which characteristics comprise a multicultural organization? Globalization has brought together people from different countries in a single platform especially through the use of the internet. The concepts and the dimensions of Multicultural organizations have been reflected in the works of Milton Gordon. There are mainly various dimensions from which the facets of multicultural organizations should undergo analysis (Gordon, 1964). The aim for any organization should be contributing to the integration of the society by and large. Every multicultural organization by the process of acculturation would bring in the dominant culture of the organization in tune with the other cultures which may not be so prominent. Due to the presence of different types of people in the organization cultural conflicts is to some extent inevitable. An ideal multicultural organization would aim at integration of the cultural norms of both the minority and the majority at the same level so that the employees maintain a uniform code of conduct. At the same time all the cultural groups should be able to maintain their own identities. In other words there would be coexistence of all the cultural practices. Along with this the organizations should also aim for a structural integration in which people from different cultural backgrounds can work under the same roof in a healthy atmosphere. There should be uniform and equal growth and promotion policies for all the employees irrespective of their nationality, race, religion or gender. This diversity and equal opportunity measures should exist not only in the top hierarchy but also across the different lower or middle levels of the organization pyramid. Not only during the course of the daily work but also outside the predefined work hours should this integration be a practice. This informal process of integration would make it possible for the employees to develop the social and business relationships beyond the premises of the office. If the people from one background participate in the social events of people of another culture, it would make them behave in a bounder less fashion and new ideas would be generated. Thus the unofficial channels of communication between the employees should also be developed and nurtured in multicultural organizations (Cox, 2001). A multicultural organization should not have any bias towards a particular culture. Any kind of discrimination should be banned and if any employee is found to be exhibiting such behavior legal measures should be taken against that entity. Cultural prejudices should also not be encouraged. Conflicts may arise due to such prejudices which would hamper the equilibrium of the organization which in turn would have an adverse effect on the productivity of the employees. This conflict may take the form of interpersonal conflict or intergroup conflict. In case of intergroup conflict the problem is accentuated and it gives rise to an atmosphere of intolerance and hatred. This kind of attitude should not persist in any organization that has much higher goals to achieve. Thus the human resources department especially has to take a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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