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Social Culture and Diversity in the Wrokplace - Research Paper Example

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Workplace diversity refers to the creation of an all-inclusive environment that brings together all people of different origins and embraces their individual differences as well as providing opportunities equitably to all to promote and help achieve their full potential. An…
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Social Culture and Diversity in the Wrokplace
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Extract of sample "Social Culture and Diversity in the Wrokplace"

Download file to see previous pages ization because they feel appreciated and valued, thus significantly reducing the problem of turnover that is a threat to business continuity in most institutions. An organization that values diversity acknowledges differences among staffs through action by emphasizing on the rightful environment necessary to create flexibility and responsiveness where staff potential is recognized harnessed and developed.
This paper will discuss the aspect of social culture and diversity in the workplace and explore the description of the subject matter in terms of social and cultural differences, managing cultural diversity, benefits accruing to a culturally diverse organization, potential impact, challenges and possible solutions for organizations that have embraced or are looking to achieve social and cultural diversity.
Social and cultural diversity may be described to include a population that is culturally diverse made up of people from different parts of the globe meaning that organizations end up with a mix of multi-racial and multi-cultural employees. Demographics in any population of people are dynamic and this phenomenon trickles down to organizations where these people work. There are social and cultural differences in terms of races, national origins, ethnic backgrounds and religion. These differences in demographics among the working population bring valuable skills, knowledge and experiences which the organization can utilize to create a hybrid of human resources and capacity to develop its growth agenda and business success. As immigrants and expatriates from different national origins get employment in an organization, they come with many skills and abilities, as well as differences.
Ethnic Backgrounds also comprise of diversity characteristics in an organization. Individuals are born and raised in different environments with rich cultural heritages from their parents and forefathers. These individuals bring with them different insights, ways of perceiving and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Culture and Diversity in the Wrokplace Research Paper.
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