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Cultural diversity at work - Assignment Example

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The writer of the paper "Cultural diversity at work" focuses on this problem faced by many organizations. So in order to eliminate job dissatisfaction and promote efficiency at work eliminating the issues of cultural diversity at workplaces is very important…
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Cultural diversity at work
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Download file to see previous pages There is a strong relationship between organizational support and cultural diversity. Employees in a diverse workplace tend to look for support from the organization in a positive manner (Leveson and A. Joiner). This positivity tends to reflect in an increase in efficiency and improved performance. This article focused on providing a research through the employee perspective and just one aspect of commitment in cultural diversity was focused upon (Leveson and A. Joiner). But overall the conclusion stated that encouraging and motivating employees of various cultures at an equal level was highly essential to avoid discrimination and underestimation of the potential of the employees. Positive appraisal always has a good impact on the employees (Leveson and A. Joiner).
Equity policies are a very essential feature that ought o be discussed when focusing on cultural diversity and how to manage it (French and Maconachie). These policies are specially designed to avoid any form of discrimination at workplaces and to provide for healthy working environments. Not only gender differences are considered but cultural variations are also taken into account in equity policies.
Nowadays organizations are shifting towards a more managerial approach based functioning from a social one. These types of policies were initially generated by women who felt that women discrimination was being carried out at various employment opportunities and the rights of the minorities had to be protected....
Nowadays organizations are shifting towards a more managerial approach based functioning from a social one. These types of policies were initially generated by women who felt that women discrimination was being carried out at various employment opportunitiries and the rights of the minorities had to be protected (French and Maconachie). The equity policies focus on decision making authority, power structure and justice for employees at workplaces. The policies focus on other factors too apart from gender roles at the workplace (French and Maconachie). The findings of the research article were based on Australian organizations and their workplace setup (French and Maconachie). This article discuses the fact that how managers are completely oblivious of how to tackle with cultural diversity at work in some Australian organizations (Syed and Kramar). This problem is increasing and causing a rift at work since managers are unaware of the tactics of how to deal with such a workforce (Syed and Kramar). An integrated system is highly important in an organization where various cultures blend in together to meet one goal. There are multi levels of diversity involved in such an environment (Syed and Kramar). Discussion The main aspect of the research is that cultural diversity has some positive and some negative implications on the workplace environment and efficiency of the firm. The positivity being the variety of skills, ideas, opinions and experiences blended together in one place to create innovative structures and systems. The negativity being the complexity involved in managing the diversity at work and dealing with the complications. Cultural diversity has various aspects associated to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cultural Diversity at Work Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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