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Organizational behaviour - HRM report - Assignment Example

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Organizational Behaviour – HRM Report Table of Contents Introduction 4 Workplace Diversity in Hospital 5 Changes in the Workforce 6 Productivity and Innovation 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Multicultural Workforce 7 Managing and Challenges of Diversified Workforce in the Organisation 11 Managing Age of Birth Diversity 11 Managing age of service diversity 11 Managing Religious Diversity 12 Managing Gender Diversity 12 Challenges in Managing Workforce Diversity 13 Hierarchy of Needs Theory to ensure employee satisfaction 15 Herzberg’s Theory to Manage Multicultural Workforce 18 Hygiene Factors 19 Motivator Factors 20 Conclusion 20 References 23 Introduction Global healthcare industry is…
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Organizational behaviour - HRM report
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Download file to see previous pages The healthcare organization can be considered as one of the largest organization in terms of bed capacity and employee strength. The employee strength of the organization is 1000. The organization has adopted the workplace diversity aspect in the business operation process. Strong multicultural workforce of the organization states that the organization believes in workplace diversity. Human resource management is considered as one of the important organizational departments that help to manage the overall performance of the organization. The functions or the activities of human resource department includes recruitment, selection, orientation, training, performance management, leadership, motivation, performance management, performance appraisal, compensation, reward distribution and employee retention. Now-a-days, several organizations within the healthcare industry are trying to improve the human resource management practices in order to increase the efficiency in the business performance. Effective human resource management practices help the organizations to maintain effective workplace environment that influence the employees of the organization to improve their performance level. Efficiency in this human resource department helps the management of the organization to motivate its employees. Several healthcare organizations are trying to maintain strong workplace diversity as the management of these organizations believe that the knowledge sharing and skill of entire workforce can get increased due to having multicultural employees in the organization. An organization cannot manage a diverse workforce without having effective managerial and leadership skill. In addition to this, employee motivation can be considered as an important aspect as several motivational techniques or tools help an organization to maintain effective relationship with the effective and skilled employees. These aspects will help the organization to retain their skilled employees. In addition to this, effective human resource management practices can help an organization to maintain sustainability and corporate ethics in each and every business operation processes. It is highly important for an organization to develop and maintain strong relationship with the external and internal stakeholders in order to develop a strong image within the competitive industry. It is clear that the Red Line Hospital can be termed as one of the largest private hospital due to its 200 bed capacity. Moreover, the healthcare organization has 1000 multicultural employees. Therefore, it is important to analyze the efficiency of human resource department and organization behaviour of the organization. Kurt Lewin’s change management model, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, Herzberg’s motivation theory has been discussed in this study with respect to the workplace diversity and organization behaviour of Red Line Hospital. Different types of leadership styles has been discusses in this study in order to help the organization to improve its multicultural workplace performance. Lastly, the assignment will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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