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BBUS 381 A1 - Essay Example

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Part A: According to the principles of organizational psychology, an organization does not only achieve success by relying on the structure of the market, and organizational strategies, but also on the capabilities of its human resource personnel (Ashkanasy, 2012)…
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BBUS 381 A1
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Download file to see previous pages Take an assumption that employees within a company have their own goals, and personalities. On this basis, employees cannot be perceived as part and parcel of the organization (Dressler, Reka and Cole, 2011). The principles of human resource management hold that the company should enact group and individual psychology for purposes of making these employees to strive in achieving the goals of the company. On this basis, human resource management aims at achieving the strategic goals of an organization by retaining, attracting and developing the talents of its employees. Dressler, Reka and Cole (2011) observe that human resource management acts as a link between the employees and the management of the organization. Human resource management helps an organization to develop strategies that will assess the various needs of its employees, and thereafter develop methods that will make these employees view their positions as part of their everyday responsibilities (Fudge, 2012). On this basis, human resource management is a very important element in an organization because it creates loyalty amongst the employees of the organization improving their efficiency in their work place. ...
For instance, the company has a human resource department, which is charged with the responsibility of identifying talented individuals to work within the company (Chang, 2012). The company has a human resource development center, which is tasked with the responsibility of training its employees on how to meet the objectives of the organization. The center is also responsible for developing the skills of the various employees that the company employs. This is for purposes of ensuring that these skills are effectively utilized within the company (Fudge, 2012). The human resource development center is also responsible for identifying the various needs of the company’s employees, and methods of satisfying those needs. This is because the aim of this process is to create loyalty amongst its employees; as a result there will be an increased efficiency in their roles. Chang (2012) observes that the company has a reward system, where employees are recognized for their performances, and rewarded by the organization. The rewards can either be monetary, or take the form of promotions within the organization. As a result of this policy, the employees of the organization are always working hard, with the hope of getting a promotion, or a reward. These human resource strategies by Samsung have made the company to be one of the leading electronic companies in the world. Part B: Samsung Group is a company from South Korea, with a global presence. The head quarter of the company is in Seoul, in a town referred to as Samsung. Samsung has an interest in the food processing sector, the electronics industry, insurance, and the retail industry. In 1987, the company operated under four business groups which are the Hansol ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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