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Samsung Final Report - Coursework Example

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Samsung Final Report Table of Contents 1.0Introduction 3 1.1 Organization Overview 3 1.2 Sustainable Innovation of Samsung 3 1.3 Objective of the Paper 4 2.0Critical Evaluation: SIR Approaches of Samsung 5 2.1 Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook 5 2.2. Samsung Transparent LCD Panels 12 3.0Conclusion 19 4.0References 20 5.0Bibliography 25 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Organization Overview Samsung commenced its operations as an export firm in Korea in the year 1938…
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Samsung Final Report
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Download file to see previous pages In today’s global electronic market, Samsung is widely recognised for its innovations and also for the quality of the products and services that it offers to its global customers (Samsung, 2012). During the recent decade Samsung has developed its vision as “Inspire the World, Create the Future.” This vision of the company apparently reflects its commitment towards inspiring the communities within which it has been operating and also wishes to operate in future. The company, in order to follow its vision, has identified three significant strengths, i.e. “New Technology,” “Innovative Products” and “Creative Solutions” (Samsung, 2012). 1.2 Sustainable Innovation of Samsung Samsung has identified it as a responsibility to carry out the business operations in a way that would facilitate in conserving the natural environment. In relation with this, the company has been noticed to carry out a wide array of activities all around the globe. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Samsung is often categorised to be among the leaders in offering eco-friendly goods to the consumers worldwide. With this concern, the company has introduced a monitoring system known as the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management system to enhance the level of safety at the work place. This system also assists in minimising the industrial wastes which are hazardous to the environment as it acts significantly for the company in terms of pollution management (Samsung, 2012). In response to the growing interest of sustainable development in the business environment, Samsung has been recuperating the methods of collecting information from the stakeholders about their perspectives and ideas concerning sustainable development in the long-run. This aided the company to develop policies and strategies related to sustainable development by taking into account the modern managerial perspective (Samsung, 2012). 1.3 Objective of the Paper The objective of this paper is to critically evaluate the innovation management of Samsung by utilising the Sustainable Innovative Results (SIR). The SIRs selected in this paper are the solar netbooks and transparent LCD panels introduced by Samsung. The SIRs are evaluated by considering the following points into consideration: determined objectives, needs, resources engaged, influencing factors, success, challenges, leadership and long-term consequences. 2.0 Critical Evaluation: SIR Approaches of Samsung SIRs are quite important for the organizations to develop and also to sustain in the long run. Being sustainable, in the corporate culture, essentially means to satisfy the present without causing much threat to the future. This meaning of sustainability can be directly linked with the innovative results of Samsung’s SIRs as both the products perform effectively in meeting the present needs without causing many hazards to the future. Moreover, SIRs serve the stakeholders concern to a considerable extent which is an important pre-requisite for the companies to sustain in the long-run. Furthermore, sustainable innovations determine the responsibility of the organizations towards the environment as well as the society. This acts significantly for the company to become widely accepted by the people increasing its brand value. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Samsung Final Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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