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HRM-analysis, evaluating, link the corporate strategy with the HRM strategy of organisation - Assignment Example

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In the near past, human resource management assumed a key position in the world of business and organisation management due to the ongoing concerns about world competition, the internalisation of I.T and the productivity of labour (Wilson, 2005, 107). These market imperatives…
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HRM-analysis, evaluating, link the corporate strategy with the HRM strategy of organisation
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Download file to see previous pages For an industry to harness the full potential of its employees as a way to succeed in the competitive world, it must alter three factors of managerial control which are; business design, culture and HR practices and policies (Sims, 2006, 34). Currently, several global companies such as Samsung restructured their practices proving a more autonomous environment in order to structure the intangible aspects of the workplace (Truss, 2012 p.266). These intangible factors include beliefs, norms and values.
The aim of the essay below is to discuss the strategic human resource management of the world’s largest company Samsung group. The study involves identifying; analysing and evaluating the human resource strategy applied and connect it to HR theories and models. It includes looking at how Samsung implements vertical integration in their human resource department.
The objective of the discussion involves identifying and defining the issue at hand. Second, clear comprehension of the concepts, models and theories of strategic human resource management in Samsung. Finally, critical assessment and understanding of the models and theories of strategic human resource management featured in the organisation.
For some years, there is a noteworthy rise in the expansion of interest towards strategic management (Cooke, 2003 p.45). The interest leads to the enhancement if concern by various organisation functions towards their responsibility in strategic management process. Therefore, the human resource management became integrated to the strategic management procedure by the development of a new principle referred to as Strategic Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM refers to all the activities impacting the behaviour of people in their efforts to create and implement a business tactic (Henderson, 2011, p.67). Strategic human resource management contains four main attributes, which include: organisation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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