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Measuring an Applicant’s Characteristics Measuring an Applicant’s Characteristics In this report, the existing hiring process of Iron Town Incorporation for Customer Service Representatives (CSR 1) has been reviewed…
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Measuring an Applicants Characteristics
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, a recommendation in relation to measurement of applicants’ characteristics and rankings has also been provided in this report. At the end of the report, potential legal liabilities arising out of the recommended option have been noted down, which the employer shall take into consideration. Strengths and Weaknesses of Current Process While going through the current process of hiring an employee, which aims at effectively measuring applicant knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics, it can be observed that there are some strengths and weaknesses in the process. The strengths and weaknesses are separately discussed as under: Strengths Keeping in view the current process, it can be stated that some of the measures used to evaluate an applicant are effective. As for instance, measures like testing the ability of an applicant to manage conversations with demanding customers and testing the basic computer skills and accuracy of data entry are all strengths of the current process. Weaknesses On the other hand, reviewing the existing process of hiring new employees for CSR 1, there are a few weaknesses in the process. As for instance the fluency in English requires testing of reading, writing and speaking skills of individual applicants, and no emphasis is placed on listening skills, which form an important part of their job. On the other hand, although there is a system in place for assuring good attendance of the new hired employees, but it does not seem to work effectively, as there is high turnover of newly hired employees in training phase. Options for Predicting Employees’ Attendance Employees’ attendance is a crucial factor in ensuring smooth flow of an organization’s operations and activities. Absenteeism, which refers to an employee being absent from work, has been considered by a number of researchers in the past (Kingery, 2009; Ivancevich, 1985). The options available for predicting an applicant’s attendance, if hired by the company, include evaluation of various aspects of that individual’s personality and traits. By considering these personality and traits (Macan, 2009). The existing problem in this regard for Iron Town Incorporation is that newly hired employees have a high turnover during the training session. In this regard, it is important that a brief description of training program is incorporated in the employee hiring process, which will enable applicants to understand the procedure they will go through, thus filtering out those employees who do not like the training program or do not want to be a part of it for any other reason (Honer, Wright, & Sablynski, 2007; Macan, 2009). Moreover, other initiatives which can be included in the staffing process for predicting employees’ attendance can be review of their previous employment record, asking for references and corresponding with them regarding their absenteeism. In addition, it is also desirable to evaluate the financial aspects and nature of job offered to applicants by checking his or her compatibility with the same. In this way, it can be predicted whether the applicant, if being selected for the job, will be satisfied with the job and henceforth remain punctual (Honer, Wright, & Sablynski, 2007; Ivancevich, 1985; Macan, 2009). Recommendations for Measuring Applicants’ Characteristics and Rankings As far as measurement of applicants’ characteristics is concerned, it is recommended that a thorough evaluation of an applicant’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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