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Meaurement - Admission/Application Essay Example

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A system is incomplete without proper implementation of principals, constant evaluation and feedback to make the system full proof from any errors and achieve the goal of its un-interrupted effective and efficient working.
There is no blue-print for the correct method of…
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Extract of sample "Meaurement"

Implementation and Evaluation Feedback in Admission Management Factors Essential to Provide Effective & Useful Feedback Implementation and Evaluation Feedback in Admission Management
Factors Essential to Provide Effective & Useful Feedback
1. Introduction
A system is incomplete without proper implementation of principals, constant evaluation and feedback to make the system full proof from any errors and achieve the goal of its un-interrupted effective and efficient working.
There is no blue-print for the correct method of evaluation and implementation. It can be done by various methods depending upon the nature of the system. It’s an ongoing process conducted throughout the year formally or informally.
However, there are some general factors that are important to ensure effective and useful feedback when implementing and evaluating a system.
2. Factors Essential
The foremost important factor to take into consideration during feedback is to know exactly what you were supposed to implement and evaluate. Without a proper direction and haphazard information it is impossible to match expected results with actual results during feedback and to bring them at par. In our case, we should ensure during feedback that the factors of merit, transparency, general IQ, knowledge, applicant’s interpersonal skills, etc are all fully kept into consideration during the entire selection process and are thoroughly incorporated and implemented across the chain.
It is also very essential for the team to specifically outline the purpose and the outcomes of the effort and who will be benefited from the complete process. It should be monitored and regularly evaluated during feedback.
The most crucial factor of any system’s feedback is its users. The feedback process is incomplete without acquiring data from and about the actual users about the problems they faced or how they used the system. In our case it is the management and teachers involved in the process of evaluating the applications and the admission test results. It should be checked that the selection team has complied to institute policies and procedures and have evaluated the admission papers and applications as per institute and higher authorities’ standards.
Applicants being the major effectees are supposed to be kept in the loop during feedback process. They should be asked about how they see the admission process and what changes they recommend in-terms of evaluation and selection process. They should be questioned about their satisfaction regarding implementation of transparency and merit in the selection process. It is very important to include their view in the feedback process of the selection system as it will help in constructive development of the applicants in future.
The last and the most important factor is resource. It should be clearly highlighted when the feedback is due, how much time will be needed to complete it, who will conduct the feedback process, what expertise are required, what sources of information will be used, how the information will be shared and what will be the cost if any of the entire process. Having clear deadlines will speed up the work and performance of the team.
3. Conclusion
There are number of methods and factors involved in the feedback process. Effective and useful feedback is very essential to the success of any system and is an ongoing process. Ensuring proper implementation and correct evaluation of the system should be constantly monitored and continuously improved upon to enhance the overall performance of the institute which can be fully achieved by thorough feedback. The results of the feedback should be communicated inform of written report and the subsequent changes required should be incorporated into the institute basic admission/application policies and procedures to establish a stronger and completely transparent selection system.
1. Ellen Taylor Powell, Sara Steele, and Mohammad Douglah. "Planning a Program Evaluation." Program Development and Evaluation. Madison, WI 53703: University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension, Feb, 1996. Read More
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(Meaurement Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Meaurement Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Meaurement Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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