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Oraganzation behavior - Essay Example

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1: Whereas organizational studies may be seen as something of a static form of inquiry, the fact of the matter is that organizations themselves are in a near constant state of flux. As such, it is impossible for a individuals within such an organization, or the body of knowledge concerning behavior within such an entity to remain static…
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Oraganzation behavior
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Extract of sample "Oraganzation behavior"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, with respect to the question of what role common sense and intutino plays with regards to the management of individual team members, it must be understood that whereas studies in management and organizational behavior can go a long way in helping to delineate the correct path that should be taken, there is no substitute for common sense and intuition (Rostein 17). However, with that being said, it must be stated that both common sense and intuition are subjective human interpretations of the world; so they are not useful in each and every situation and should not be trusted to apply to each individual in the same way that it does to the individual manager/leader who employs it. 2. One of the first perceptional biases that can be noted is with regards to how the United States press is so keen to take statements out of context and perceive them to be something that they are not. This was recently noted with regards to President of Russia’s opinion editorial in the New York Times concerning Syria. However, instead of taking this op-ed for what it was, the American press instead sought to sum up the entire opinion editorial by emblazoning headlines with phrases such as “Putin laughs at American Exceptionalism”; a statement that was ludicrous compared to what was actually said by the Russian President (DeWayne 1). Another recent news bias is with regards to the expectation that the gunman in the Washington DC shootings must have been a Muslim; prior to any information coming out as to who he was and why he might have done such a thing. Finally, sticking with the motif of the news, it can also be noted that a strong perceptional bias exists with regards to the conflict in Syria. 3. Firms such as Yahoo have recently found it difficult to juxtapose the creative energies and talents of a multigenerational workforce. As many firms have noted, seeking to maximize the potential of a diverse group of people does not allow for any one approach to be used by itself. In this way, some of the tech giants, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and others, have opted for created a more relaxed atmosphere where millenials and other inter-generational employees can work at their own pace without the more rigid and structured approach that had been deemed so useful to the past generation of employees (Jain et al. 47). Rather than seeing this as good or bad, it is necessary for the individual to merely understand such a reaction as one that seeks to take into account the needs of different individuals and seeks to maximize utility and productivity accordingly. 4. Without question values affect the way in which individuals integrate with different situations. However, rather than making the mistake of viewing values as synonymous with attitude, it must be understood that an individual’s attitude is likely to change and morph at various times throughout their professional career; however, values are more innate and are unlikely to experience a major shift as an individual progresses within their career. Nevertheless, attitude is one of the most important factors of performance and happiness/job satisfaction. One distinct situation stands out in my own mind with regards to a given task ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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