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Letter of Proposals on Improving Employees Productivity - Case Study Example

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Your name and address Addressed to Date Dear _, This letter intends to address the growing discontent in the company evident with the high attrition rate where employees are resigning en masse at an unprecedented level. Employees are also unmotivated and this causes low productivity that undermines the company’s position in the market…
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Letter of Proposals on Improving Employees Productivity
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Extract of sample "Letter of Proposals on Improving Employees Productivity"

Download file to see previous pages Employee morale is at an all-time low manifested by resignations, tardiness, low productivity and other employee behaviors that indicate disinterest in their work and company. This is dangerous for the company because it undermines its competitiveness and viability as a business organization. The Research Plan There is an obvious need for management problem to address and arrest this issue among the company’s human resource. For the management implement to be effective however, we need to know what is/are the root cause/s of the employees’ discontent or disinterest with the company and their job. There are two strategies that I intend to use to get feedback and information from the employees. First is the anonymous survey so that employees can honestly provide information about their disenchantment about the management and second, through focus groups that will be conducted by a third party consultants so that employees will not be encumbered by management presence that would prevent from disclosing what they really think and feel. These combined tools will allow the management to double check consistency of findings that will help in determining the real cause of employee’s disenchantment with the company. ...
sult of survey Consultant begun their focus group discussions August 2-14 Interpretation of survey results Interpretation of focus group discussions August 16-22 Drafting of report of both the survey result and focus group discussion August 23 Submission of report of the cause of employee morale and recommendation of course of action to address this issue. Qualifications I have taken classes in human resource that focuses on employee motivation and how it relates to performance and productivity. I have also attended leadership workshops on how to make people tick and on how to bring the best of them. I have taken finance classes and I am well aware how low productivity can affect the company’s position in the market. I had some marketing class and know how a poor product can affect the company’s competitiveness. I also taken some summer jobs and is well aware on how employees respond to management implements that they tend to work better if they are motivated. Conclusion Being in the management, I am certain that you are well aware of the employee’s poor performance and high attrition rate. This proposal does not only intend to determine the root cause of such problem but will also find solution on how the management can address this kind of a problem. The methods applied in determining the root cause of our employee’s problem can also be verified by comparing the consistency of results of the two methods that will be used – survey and third party consultant focus group. The proposal is also time efficient that could produce the necessary information about the issue and its recommendations in less than two months. In effect, the proposal will allow the management to formulate plan of action/s in less than two months. This will put the management in a better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Letter of Proposals on Improving Employees Productivity Case Study)
Letter of Proposals on Improving Employees Productivity Case Study.
“Letter of Proposals on Improving Employees Productivity Case Study”, n.d.
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