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How strategic business management can attain its objectives without affecting employees and customers - Research Proposal Example

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This research is being carried out to clearly understand how strategic business management can attain its objectives without affecting employees and customers. This dissertation presents an attempt to explore the factors that influence managers, workers, and clients to make decisions…
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How strategic business management can attain its objectives without affecting employees and customers
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Extract of sample "How strategic business management can attain its objectives without affecting employees and customers"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that in strategic business management, there are various guiding theories, principles and practices. These are intended to steer the fundamental goals and objectives of the company in the context of increasing sales and covering wider areas of the market. Additionally, the writer continues to state that, with well-stipulated management principles and theories, there are bound to be challenges. Alternatively, Drucker compliment what Cousins talks of the clear stipulation of corporate objectives. On that aspect, the two authors want managers and workers to understand the various concepts and principles of management and how to, effectively, utilize resources of the company. Furthermore, by understanding management, managers and employees are able to work in smooth coordination, which is beneficial for the business and company in terms of increased clients. Similarly, the authors call for constant evaluation of management goals through retrainings and adoption of modern technology. On the other hand, Davenport mentions and explains the various approaches that are critical for both managers and workers in the strategic innovation of the economy on the basis of dynamic innovations. For example, the author explains the need to employ tools such as suitable technology, qualified workers and offering motivational incentives to workers. In addition, he explains about visionary leadership on the side of managers and response to complaints from the customers among others as the most paramount tools of effecting strategic change in business. (Davenport 2007, p.67). However, Steve, J (2009) have come up with five imperative disciplines when it comes to exemplary performance for any company. These disciplines include respect for clients, timely provisions of products and services, clear study of the market demands, motivation of the workforce through better wages and encouragement and effective leadership (Steve 2009, p.56). Furthermore, the writers observe that companies should accept modern challenges that afflict businesses hence affecting strategic management as ways of improving on their strong areas. On that perspective, Brutus (2006) discusses in depth the challenges that afflict organizational management in terms of the dynamics employed to increase sales and improve on profits. Similarly, the author delves into the setbacks that affect companies when they face challenges such as poor leadership from top management, unmotivated employees and slow response from customers, which in turn affects the market demand, and hence company sales (Brutus 2006, p.110). Additionally, this interferes with strategic management set by company executives and the obligation of meeting them on time. 2. The Conceptual Framework Therefore, in terms of a conceptual framework, several factors involved will be drawn from the literature studied previously. However, the research proposal must mention that effective strategic business management is paramount for the success of any company that aspires to succeed (Carl, 2003, p.87). Similarly, utilization of resources, quick response to client complaints and adoption of initiatives targeted at advancement of the company has several benefits for long and short terms. Alternatively, business managers and other corporate executives should aim at incorporating the various stakeholders such as clients and competitors in the picture of drafting workable strategic business management. On that aspect, this research proposal cannot forget to mention the predicaments associated with strategic business management. For instance, undefined goals and objectives set by company executives and lack of through of the market pattern among other limitations. On that prospect, factors such as timely adoption of technology, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "How strategic business management can attain its objectives without affecting employees and customers" is quite often seen among the tasks in university. Still, this text opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own research.

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