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The research proposal is about communication barriers that the organizations are facing nowadays. The paper will illustrate the challenges and risks that the organizations are facing due to these barriers. …
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Workplace communication barrier
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Download file to see previous pages The paper has mainly focused on the language barriers of Asian organizations as they language barrier has become a common part of these organizations. Language barriers are effecting the performance of employees as well as the managers. Research methodology and data collection is also mentioned in the last of the paper. In conclusion, findings and ethical consideration is also provided. Table of Contents Abstract 1 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Working Title 3 1.2 Overview: 4 1.3 Research Question: 5 1.4 Aims and Objectives/Purpose: 6 2.0 Literature Review 7 3.0 Research Method and Methodology 17 3.1 Data Collection 17 3.2 Design of the Study 18 3.3 Sample Population 18 3.4 Sampling Technique 18 3.5 Research Methods 18 3.6 Findings 19 3.7 Ethical Consideration 19 Works Cited 21 1. Introduction 1.1 Working Title We are living in a smatter planet where everything is now been programmed, interconnected and been made more intelligent to cope up with the fast growing changes. And this change brings a lot of new opportunities, specifically for the midsize businesses. According to Andersson (2002: 168), when the organizations faced conflict between their employees, these organizations have to face loss. Most of the organizations are facing challenges such as communication barriers and obstacles. But with the growth of more challenging and exceptional scale of requirement for supply and demand, the midsize companies started to face the difficulty to meet the dispute on an overall basis. To find the solution for such unprecedented challenges, the organizations has planned to increase communication and remove conflicts form the employees, so that, the organization may gain higher profitability and productivity. According to Akkirman (2005: 398), the organization has started work to remove the communication barriers, and carry forward the responsibility of playing the major mechanism behind the global economic growth. My topic is specifically based on the “communication barriers” that the organization is currently facing, and this is also affecting the business of the organization. In this research proposal my discussion will critically analyze the barriers and issues that the organizations have to face in their employees. The issues will also discuss briefly to know the reasons why the communication barriers are affecting business of the organization. This paper will also illustrate the issues that the employees have to face because of the less communication. According to the Abrell (2004: 44), employees are the most important and essential part of the organization, that’s why it is important to make them satisfied and happy with the policies and strategies. The first interval will present a preface to the theme of study accommodating the rationale and implication of the cream. The subsequent interval will present a detailed appraisal of communication barriers, prominence the preceding delves into carried out in this meadow. The triennial division will swathe the methodology for this study. The psychoanalysis of result, conclusions and debate will be obtainable in the quadrant section. The quintal content subdivision shall bring the study to a close, given that assumption and functional commendation for supplementary investigation. 1.2 Overview: Most of the managers fail to improve communication and cooperation between the employees because of language barriers. William (2000:87) said that if there would not be a language barrier within the organization then this will definitely lead the team towards the success and effective work. Employees are the essential part of any organization and manager should motivate their employees to work together and provide them friendly environment, so that they may work with each other, and they may help other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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