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Methods for Increasing Employee Motivation - Research Proposal Example

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This paper deems to critique the statement: General Trading, a US based wholesale food distributor has witnessed significant drop in the revenue and has estimated that the significant drop is due to the low productivity of the employees which has occurred from low motivation levels. …
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Methods for Increasing Employee Motivation
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Download file to see previous pages The discussion will attempt to address the primary question framed as follows: What programs may be suitable to increase employee productivity and revenue? Taking into account that General Trading has expanded across global boundaries. This problem regarding employee productivity, if remains unsolved may damage the reputation of the company, which has built over the years. It may even lead to compromise the efficiency of the company, which may lead to increased customer dissatisfaction. So a proper analysis of the situation and probable solutions to increase the employee productivity is very vital in this scenario. General Trading is a wholesale food distributor organization with clients abroad to whom they export their product offerings across the borders. For them, maintaining a healthy motivation level among the employees and thereby increasing the productivity is very crucial to the development and flourishing of the company. In order to increase the motivation level among the employees, an employee incentive program is very much essential for the company. In today’s world, employees are the biggest assets to an organization. Companies are paying competitive salaries to the employees as compared to other companies, in order to keep them motivated, as well as to retain them. Most of them have already moved towards an ‘Employee Incentive Program’, which is itself a part of performance appraisal. It has also been found out in a study that employee engagement which mainly comprises of commitment to work, as well as employee’s job satisfaction with the company increases through a host of performance appraisal system that happens in a company from time to time. (Scott, “Introduction”). Employee Incentive Programs has been employed by many companies and is considered as a highly valuable tool to keep the employees in an organization motivated by offering various kinds of incentives on the basis of their performance in the organization or in similar grounds. Implementing an employee incentive program in the organization has also lead to solutions that exists between the company’s top management and its employees on the production front. It also leads to identification of the most efficient and effective employees in the organization, who can further be moved up in the hierarchy and can be groomed for possible leadership roles in the organization. As a result, it leads to identification of talent within the organization without hunting for the right candidate in the open market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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