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1. Discuss the recruiting process at S.G. Cowen (Core Schools Strategy, Cowen On-Campus, and Super Saturday). As with any recruiting process, S. G. Cowen wished to integrate the very best talent available within the market to the firm. Naturally, due to the fact that S…
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SG Cowen: New Recruits (Case Analysis)
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Download file to see previous pages As a means of redirecting the strategy, S. G. Cowen came up with what was known as a “core school strategy”. This core school strategy decided to take the focus off the top 10 universities within the United States for this particular field of expertise and placed their level of focus upon schools within the top 25. In such a way, a broader range of applicants from around the nation were able to be attracted as well as the fact that a more intimate level of interaction could be achieved on the part of S. G. Cowen with the potential applicants. Whereas they had previously been competing on large college campuses of the most prestigious universities the United States, it was determined that such an approach was needless and ultimately wasteful due to the fact that S. G. Cowen’s appeal to the students was ultimately lost upon the potential applicant body as a result of the much more high profile and glamorous investment banking firms vying for their attention (Baron & Kreps, 1999). In such a way, as with any reasonable business strategy, the stakeholders at S. G. Cowen realized that a far more efficient approach would be to focus money and time in attempting to integrate with potential employees on a more personal and intimate level. By expanding and broadening the scope from the top 10 universities to the top 25, S. G. Cowen was able to more effectively utilize the resources at their disposal while all the time not adulterated the applicant pool with a higher degree of unqualified applicants than had previously been realized at the top 10 schools. One of the most effective means by which S. G. Cowen was able to integrate with regards to what the firm labeled as “Cowan on campus”. Such an approach was to draw around 20 alumni, currently employed by S. G. Cowen, and send them on recruiting efforts to the universities in question. However prior to this taking place, introductory speeches were given and shareholders within the University were made aware that the firm was going to be writing within the near future with the stated goal of seeking to recruit you to tell. In such a way, not only were shareholders made aware of the fact that the firm was open and interested in offering potential employment opportunities, they also were able to interact with employees of S. G. Cowen on a rather intimate level. Due to the fact that approximately 100 students would show up for any potential recruiting speech, it was typical that the ratio of students to former alumni was approximately 5 to 1. This of course allowed for the firm to engage in small groups and interact even more closely with the potential applicants. Similarly, during the time that companies stakeholders were interacting with potential employees on campus, specific time was set apart to interview some of the more promising candidates. As a result of these interviews, the stakeholders that S. G. Cowen had sent into the field were able to return with a promising list of future potential applicants that could be drawn upon for what came to be known as “Super Saturday”. As such, “Super Saturday” served as the crucible by which the most promising of the candidates which had been screened during the campus visits were interviewed by senior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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