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Profile in Leadership - Assignment Example

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This paper presents different leadership theories. Situational leadership requires that leaders and managers should alter or adapt their leadership styles according to the skill level. Followers have four development styles according to which leadership styles are required to be amended…
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Profile in Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Selling or coaching leadership style is appropriate in a situation where a follower has a reasonable degree of commitment and competence. In such a situation, the leaders are expected to focus on relationship building as well as high task focus. Since the follower has a reasonable knowledge of the job required to be done, therefore strict directions would result in further demotivation. Therefore, the leader needs to develop a relationship through effective listening and providing appropriate guidance when required. These two leadership styles are mainly dependent on the leader, his competence and relationship building skills.

Another leadership style is participating and supporting. In this case, the follower is exceptionally competent and skilled but lacks the motivation to perform tasks. In such cases, the leader is not required to provide directions to the follower or micromanage him/ her. Instead, leaders and managers are required to motivate followers through effective listening skills and praising. The last leadership style is delegating or observing. In such scenarios, the follower is skilled as well as motivated. Therefore, there is potentially no requirement for strict directions and supervision. Followers at this level do not require frequent motivational sessions or praises however due recognition is always important. These two leadership styles are follower-led in nature. The main rationale for selecting this theory is applicability as well as reasonable understanding. Although everyone has their respective leadership style, not all leadership styles would be appropriate according to the situation. Therefore, dependent on the recipient and situation, leadership styles are required to be changed or adapted.

For the purpose of this assignment, the person selected is a family member who's name is Matt Anderson. Matt is my cousin’s husband and has done certifications in hotel management with five years of working experience in Starbucks having previously worked for different restaurants. Matt has always been a source of inspiration for me as he is always energetic and ready to help others. I have seen him participating in family events or social gatherings and most of the time; he is the one who manages these events. Matt is a fine family man, a loving father, a loyal husband and a successful professional. For me, leadership is a way of living and it’s hidden in small acts with big results. In order to act as a leader, one does not need a designation or role assigned to him as someone may act as a leader in petite situations. Currently, he is working as a restaurant manager in one of the Starbucks branches. I have seen him dealing with his staff and observing him makes me realize that he is a highly effective leader. I have also taken feedback about him from his staff and they all declare him as an effective leader and a great motivator using various means to satisfy and keep the team on track. In domestic life, he is always supportive and helping. One of his strengths is his negotiation and conflict management skills; he is well-respected in his friend’s circle. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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