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 This paper discusses that Oprah qualifies as a good example of leadership communication and as a transformational leader due to different aspects. One feature of her transformational leadership is that she inspires hope and movement from unfortunate situations…
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Leadership Profile on Oprah Winfrey
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Download file to see previous pages   As an experienced person in human resource, human resource development is a key role that leaders in the human resource are required to partake. Looking at how Oprah manages to be the transformational leader, the idea is to ensure that there is the development of crucial skills as required in the department and to inspire hope, as well as motivation from within, and towards the success of any organization for which I get to work. Throughout her shows, Oprah is known to bring about transformation through touching stories and her own story is frequently featured in the show to inspire viewers. The above is one of the main aspects that have seen her become a renowned leader even on TV, where she applies novel ways to come up with means of changing lives by using her show and TV in general as a platform to air controversial issues (Jennerz 41). It is on her show that she brought warring families to make peace with one another and even sought closure for them in regard to the source of their misery. Her communication skills are exceptional on many levels as seen in how she manages to bring eloquence and even contain herself in spite of tear-jerking testimonies. This also brings up her ability to bring out the stories that different characters may have gone through in that she is not afraid to tackle the issues head-on. Contextually, her ethos, pathos, and logos in communication depict a confident character worthy of emulation by anyone is the human resource. By being a notable figure in media and mass communication, and having vested interests in offering assistance to mankind, she commands respect as she has a reputation to preserve (Lussier and Christopher 352). Besides this, she does support her concepts or any form of communication that she makes through factual representation, either by having experts present or through statistical records. In her entire career as a media personality, communication has played a key role in her transformational leadership accomplishments in that it is thanks to her skills that she has gained critical acclaim. A look at this indicates that she has co-authored books, and it is her character that has sparked interest in these books among the public. It is also her communication skills that have seen her ranked as an influential figure to the extent of being philanthropic to support her image, as well as seek the intervention of other leaders in worthy causes such as her case this year in Zurich, where she condemned racism (Hall). Thanks to Oprah’s character and skills, it is noteworthy that eloquence and vested interest in the needs of people is one of the top requirements if at all one seeks to be successful, communication is a crucial skill.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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