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Significance of Organizational Behaviour in Managing Human Resources - Essay Example

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This report will discuss the significant contribution of organizational behavior in the management of human resources. As compared to the use of the other leadership style, this report will highlight the benefit of using transformational leadership style when it comes to managing and motivating…
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Significance of Organizational Behaviour in Managing Human Resources
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Download file to see previous pages Kotter (1999, p. 1) mentioned that having a good leadership skill is important in terms of enabling managers to become more effective in terms of delegating task to each employee. Even though there are some managers who are fully equipped with proper management skills, some of them will remain unable to make a business successful in terms of competing in the global market because of the absence of good leadership skill. For this reason, managers should be aware of the best leadership skill which could effectively motivate each employee towards reaching the organizational goal. According to Dessler (2001, pp. 296 – 297), leaders are individuals who are capable of inspiring other people. In most cases, corporate leaders have important characteristics such as: (1) the drive to achieve their goals; (2) desire to lead; (3) self-confidence; (4) competitive cognitive ability; (5) honesty and integrity; and (6) sufficient knowledge in doing business. On top of these personality traits, corporate leaders are expected to influence the rest of employees without having the need to use violence or coercion. Aside from having the ability to know specific needs and wants of other people, a good leader are those who can make use of his personal power through the application of good communication skills (Huth 2001). Aside from being able to manage human resources, the use of the right type of leadership style enables the manager have the capacity to develop effective business plan. For this reason, managers should know exactly what type of leadership style is more effective when managing a group of diverse employees. Each type of leadership style has its own advantages and disadvantages. In relation to globalization, the use of autocratic leadership style...
Significance of Organizational Behaviour in Managing Human Resources Having an effective reward system together with employee involvement has a significant impact when it comes to solving organizational conflicts. In some cases, the moral hazard and/or non-satisfaction with work is possible in case employees are not given any incentives in exchange for the extra work responsibility that is assigned to them. Among the types of extrinsic reward includes the act of offering cash, bonuses and gift items whereas the type of intrinsic reward includes words of praises or public recognition. This report will highlight the benefit of using transformational leadership style when it comes to managing, motivating and maximizing the use of each employee’s talent and acquired skills. The study of organizational behavior has a significant contribution in the effective management of human resources. Through the use of organizational behavior concept and theories, managers can easily understand strategic ways on how to effectively motivate employees in terms of increasing their production rate and over all work performance. In this report, we have mentioned the significance of organizational structure in the establishment of the organizational culture that is focused on minimizing the risk of organizational failure. Combined with the use of effective rewards system, organizational culture could also affect how each employee would behave and accept internal and external challenges that they may encounter on a daily basis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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