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Human resourses and communication skills - Essay Example

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This essay entails four main stages, which include having the concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation, leaving us in a better position to face the challenges in human resource management as upcoming human resource managers. …
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Human resourses and communication skills
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that modern improvements in information technology have provided freedom to employees to work anytime and from anywhere. This, in turn, has led to weakening of the tie between organizations and their employees. Many organizations have adopted computer- interfaced communication technology supplanting the formal hierarchical structure in coordinating and managing relationships within and between organizations. A number of organizations have been inspired by improvements in information technology and started experimenting with electronic ways of working comprising of working from satellite centres, mobile work among others. In setting up groups, there are norms that should be established with each member of the team actively participating. Attention should be paid to the content and also keenly shape and evaluate the means it employs in accomplishing goals. The team process should include the ways in which members interact, communicate with each other, and communicate with employees who are not in the team and a responsibility of ensuring accomplishment of goals. Team players in an organization will include managers of different sections headed by the managing director. For an organization’s success, these people should first form a united team comprising of all the norms. For instance, a sugar-manufacturing factory in which the managing director does not treat his colleagues with respect and dignity and in which there is a lack of transparency is bound to fail. This according to norms under which a team should operate brings out the lack of proper communication between the team. A case of communication breakdown may arise in such a scenario as one in which a department requires information from another department to do its job, while the other department ignores the request or fakes an excuse. This can result into conflicts. Alternatively, the conflict can be created by giving circular responses. Such as giving unsatisfactory response when an issue being sort has not been worked on. For example, a purchasing department requires a confirmation note from the finance department to make orders. The finance department on the contrary delays in giving the response. This slows down the processes of an organization and can lead to conflicts within. In this context, we learn that proper human resource management can be best achieved by streamlining the communication channels and ensuring that prompt responses are given to requests. It equips us with corporate wellness management skills that will help in understanding communication skills. Another aspect that could derail the operations of the organization is a lack of transparency. This should be embraced within the team as well as the employees. Employees are supposed to be genuine with each other in terms of ideas, challenges and be free to confide in the management. Managers are charged with the responsibility of opening up space thus freeing people to ask anything they need without being intimidated. For instance, an employee collapses while at work simply because he/she did not have the platform to express her condition due to fear of being dismissed. Some companies have stringent measures on employee misconduct, which intimidate the employees (Condrey 2010). This poses a challenge specifically to the human resource manager whose credibility in the employees’ welfares will be doubted. In this, we learn another role of the human resource management, which is increasing the staff in an organization. Under this, the management is charged with among other things recruitment and selection of human resources, and management of a typical employment and termination situations. The strength of a proper management is invested in the energy and training its employees. A majority of firms are taking their employees for ethics training as one of the means of safeguarding the image of their firms. This should be geared towards increasing the awareness of ethical conduct and familiarizing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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