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Human Resource Management Skills - Essay Example

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This essay "Human Resource Management Skills" deals with the skills needed in the HR sphere. As the author puts it, the human resource section is the center of any other organization across the world. It is because of the merits that come along with it…
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Human Resource Management Skills
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Management Skills"

Download file to see previous pages Human resource management is a vital part of any organization. To be more effective, a human resource team needs to be experts in a number of important sections in an organization. That is, the HR department is responsible for diverse aspects of each employees career, starting with recruitment to hiring to various sections of their job while employed in a particular organization. An effective human resource department effectively executes the policies and procedures and thus ensuring that the employees in an organization are properly motivated. The study is going to view various skills and techniques that one will need to effectively lead the human resource department in an organization. In my research, I prefer that the operation of the human resource department be conducted in one central point to ensure that there is proper coordination of activities from one functional level to another (Martin, 2009). Despite the fact that human resource functions are broad, the management will ensure that it adequately delegates duties and responsibilities to ensure that the department meets its set goals within the periods. In this study, I am going to major on various aspects in human resource department. For instance, the study will have to capture on the merits of carrying out human resource functions in one central point other than conducting it at a functional level. Moreover, the study will give a detailed explanation of various skills and techniques that a human resource manager, as well as the entire department, should have to run the organization more effectively (Lohman, 2002). I am going to discuss the skills of training and development skills, management skills, communication skills as well as discrete and ethical techniques that a human resource officer in an organization should have for effective operations. Moreover, the study will analyze the ability of HR department in policy formulation and implementation as well strategic planning skills and techniques. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Resource Management Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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