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The paper “Employee Dissatisfaction in the Company” focuses on employee dissatisfaction as a result of many prevalent factors in an organization during the stay of an individual. However, any distortion is primarily a result of unmet expectations…
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Employee Dissatisfaction in the Company
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Download file to see previous pages An organization is also in need of the workers. They too realize that the employee who is working for them has a set of reasons to work. These reasons will defer from people to people. Each reason will determine the employee morale, motivation, and quality of life. Therefore, to create a positive impact and enhance expectations of their potential employees, organizations practice various exercises which include university drives, seminars, and creating assessment centers for the shortlisted students. Most organizations will achieve their objectives by the aforementioned exercises but that creates problems in the near future. Those expectations will be thrashed as the employee gets acquainted with the organization’s real culture. This is known as a breach of psychological contract. The term ‘psychological contract’ was initially used in the 1960s however; it gained popularity after the economic downturn in the early 1990s (Cranwell-Ward & Abbey, 2005). It has been defined as ‘perception of the two parties, the employee, and employer, of what their mutual responsibilities and obligations are towards each other.’ It encapsulates the expectations of both sides as to what each expects the employment contract to deliver. This contract is not formally written or signed but, they are formed by the unspoken act which has happened in the past, as well as from statements made by the employer (Petersitzke, 2009). They may be seen as ‘promises’ by some and ‘expectations’ by others. This is a high involvement mindset precisely for an employee. If these expectations are met, it will lead to an increased sense of happiness as well as the deliverance of real results. However, violation of the expectations will lead to feelings of betrayal, anger and wrongful harm arising from this realization. (Usman, Gary, & Filotheos, 2004) In our case, there has been a huge chunk of unmet expectations for the fresh graduates employed at the advertising agency. They went through a rigorous induction process which encompassed a 2-day assessment center along with a series of interviews and occasional visits to the client sites. Moreover, they met up with various senior staff members and interacted with them to gain knowledge about the organization’s culture. The lot of 225 about-to-be-qualified marketing and media graduates is reduced to 20 successful recruits. Sadly, the blooming picture of the advertising agency in the eyes of the employees was broken into pieces when the initial 6-months passed. They were engaged in trivial work which involved filling, answering telephone calls and doing emails. They were not given the opportunity to think creatively which was previously promised by the senior staff. There were no signs of training or development programs. On the whole, a breach of psychological contract took place. Employees were not motivated to work and a few of them started having days off. They felt that they have been cheated and deceived about the organization’s culture and values. This will eventually lead to high employee turnover. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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