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The following essay "Employee Reinstatement" deals with the problem of employee’s satisfaction. It is mentioned here that maximum productivity and quality output for maximum profitability is the main objective among others in any successful organization. …
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Employee Reinstatement
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Employee Reinstatement
Maximum productivity and quality output for maximum profitability is a main objective among others in any successful organization. For any organization to achieve this objective, employee satisfaction is very important. Employee’s satisfaction determines the company’s rate of production. Safety and health of the employee is significant. The organization should ensure that the employee is working in a safe environment. The company operations must be safe by not possessing any health risk to the employee. Safe and conducive working environment motivates an employee, and improves their performance.
Asthmatic Oshawa, an employee in the Ontario automotive parts manufacturing plant is an example of employee dissatisfaction. The employer never met the terms and conditions agreed in the employer-employee contract. I do not agree with the employer’s decision of firing the employee regardless of the medical evidence. The grievor’s doctor records said that the employee could return to work although careful measures were necessary to avoid reinjures. The employer could return him to work and make sure that his working environment is safe from those factors that could facilitate worsening of his condition; for example, ensuring effective ventilation and clean air, inspection in the working environment to ensure everything is all right. This will avoid putting the health of the employee and others in risk.
The employer should allow the employees to make their own decision in resigning or returning to work. Employer must take the responsibility because it is simply ethical and the right thing to do. The decision of firing the employee will have negative implications to the organization and other employees. It will destroy the corporate image of the organization in the society and this will directly affect the market. This is by scaring away its customers and its stakeholders. In addition, the unethical action can affect the other employees by discouraging their efforts. This will reflect directly in the organization’s production. Read More
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