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The British displaced the original residents of America which they previously called newfound land who were the Red Indians and occupied the area changing the culture to represent that of Europe. The Period…
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American Revolution
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American Revolution Introduction America was a British colony before 1776 when they gained independence. The British displaced the original residents of America which they previously called newfound land who were the Red Indians and occupied the area changing the culture to represent that of Europe. The Period between 1763 and 1783 saw the Americans fight the British soldiers in a bid to seek their independence in what was termed as the American Revolution (Frank 65). The paper will explore in detail and using examples the basic cause and nature of the American Revolution and why it took place at that particular time in history.
The revolution took place as a result of accumulated grievances which the American people had had enough of. They were also protesting against the various acts that had been established by England and which were to their disadvantage. An example was the Stamp Act of 1765 which imposed that every American was to pay taxes to England in order to offset the costs of running the British Military Organization. There was the currency act of 1764 that prohibited issuance of legal tender money and this threated to destabilize the industrial economy. The quartering act of 1765 also contributed to the revolution as it required colonialists to house troops from Britain and even supply them with their hard earned food.
The conflict that occurred between England and the colonies was basically brought about by the colonies disagreements with the rules introduced to them by their British leaders. These rules undermined them further and prevented them from being independent and they were tired and angry about this. They therefore started with revolts in some of the colonies which were ultimately copied and repeated in the rest of the colonies and this in turn led to the revolution which took place over a number of years.
They were totally opposed to these policies and they started uniting against the British colonialists as they knew that once unite, they could easily get their independence. The colonies also stopped providing money to the British government. The British government had used up most of its resources and even accumulated debt from the war and they needed money from the colonies to recover which was not forthcoming (Morton 41). They started rioting and mass protests to refuse the new policies England was imparting on them hence giving a hard time to the colonialists.
The point of no return was reached in 1763 after the seven year’s war. At this juncture, enough was enough with the oppression and the numerous Acts and laws and the revolution begun then. The point was reached at this time and not earlier because the population of American colonies at this time was over two million and this meant they had the numbers to stand up against the colonialists and persuade them for their independence or fight them for it. They had also garnered several string lawyers to argue for their cases against mistreatment by the British soldiers in the massacres that were taking place in Boston and this strengthened them (Hamilton 18). The war also united them and this unity made them a stronger team to fight the colonialists.
The American Revolution was a tie breaker for colonialism in America and other colonies. The strength and unity of Americans in conjunction with the weakening of the financial base of England is what enabled them achieve independence in 1776 after several years of revolution.
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American Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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