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However, none of the paintings has an accurate representation of the revolution. Each of the painting has a unique exaggeration that depends on the artist’s intentions. Some paintings are…
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6.2. American Revolution art work
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6.2. American Revolution artwork The paintings depict different episodes that happened during the American Revolution. However, none of the paintingshas an accurate representation of the revolution. Each of the painting has a unique exaggeration that depends on the artist’s intentions. Some paintings are closer to reality than others are. The painting “Stand Your Ground" by Don Troiani has a better representation of reality than others do1. This is because the paintings depict some of the ideologies that led to the American Revolution. One of the ideologies was to make America a sovereign state away from colonial influence. This ideology required Americans to stand firmly on their own beliefs and values. Moreover the painting depicts possible would have been battlegrounds for the revolution. Arguably, ordinary people within their day-to-day work centers conducted the revolutions. Most artists make the impression that rebel movements in remote environs conducted the revolution.
The artists responsible for the paintings did not conduct through research while making the paintings. Indeed, the artists were more concerned with the artistic impression of the paintings among their audiences than their historic impression. Consequently, the artists created paintings that served the immediate society without considering their historical impacts. Indeed, the paintings were made to praise certain factions that led or were involved in the revolution. Thus, the paintings cannot be considered reliable sources of history. Moreover, the paintings are localized to the communities that they were intended for and, have little impact on the global arena. For instance, “Molly Pitcher - Battle of Monmouth 1778” shows that people from new jersey contributed more to the revolution than others did.
Lexington, Massachusetts. “Revolutionary War.” history. Army. (Accessed April 9, 2013). Read More
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6.2. American Revolution Art Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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