5.2. American Revolution - Southern Campaign - Essay Example

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This is the war that resulted in the formation of the current United States. It is considered as a civil war in which the nationalist under colonization took sides, either…
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5.2. American Revolution - Southern Campaign
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American revolution - Southern campaign American revolution - Southern campaign The American Revolution refers to the struggle of the thirteen American colonies against the Great Britain. This is the war that resulted in the formation of the current United States. It is considered as a civil war in which the nationalist under colonization took sides, either as loyalists or as patriots. This article seeks to analyze the revolution from a loyalist point of view.
This revolution was triggered by the establishment of the oppressive acts of the British King to the nationalist of America. The loyalists were those who felt that their situation was not bad and therefore supported the King. They were motivated by a number of factors. First, they were pessimistic about the existence of a better future as portrayed by the patriots. Then, they were well established and did not feel much weight due to the existing tax schemes. In addition, they were afraid of violence that would result from such a rebellion against the king.1
Most loyalists resided in the southern and middle colonies. They included the tenant farmers in New York, Carolina and New Jersey. In view of this, the British decided to move to the South so that they could tap support from these loyalists. They established their Military base of operations in New York and Long Island. These areas had large concentrations of loyalists, most who were refugees from different states. The loyalists in this region offered them the support they needed. With the support of local governors, loyalists were recruited and helped to fight against the Patriots.2
However, the patriots recruited more member and were able to expel all the royal officials. The loyalists in the South were suppressed by local patriots who were leaders in the local government.3 With a greater number, the patriots were able to drive away the British out of Boston and surrounding. Eventually, the Patriots won after matching out the British army in the battle of Monmouth. This led to the formation of the modern United States of America.
Bliven, Bruce. The American Revolution. USA: House Childrens Books Publisher, 2011. Read More
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