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Report on Media Legal Issues (Digital Movie Revolution) - Research Paper Example

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Indeed, the ability to communicate instantly and globally with words, pictures, music and more especially video has uncontrollably changed how…
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Report on Media Legal Issues (Digital Movie Revolution)
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, a good number could not make independent films until they attended a certain school to acquire the equipment or they grew up with the set. In the past, most people faced challenges until they went to Hollywood to land a job on a movie set of the needed equipment. Conversely, today in as much as there is a lot of networking and dues paying to venture in the movie business, the internet radically has altered what looks like and more especially change has been in the accessibility (Silver, 2003). It has simplified almost for everyone to do video project and have seen as wished. This is possible since the advent of less expensive digital technology.
Websites like Vimeo and YouTube have played a role in allowing anyone with camera to post a video. The computers made it possible to edit enabling anyone tweak their projects or other peoples projects to make them even look much better. As a result, many aspiring filmmakers, who would otherwise have lacked the resources to be seen, can now go public on their own. The movie industry probably will soon take the lead from the independent colleagues that have made significant steps towards digital filmmaking (Prince, 2012). This facilitates the digital revolution found in every setting of the movie industry. Indeed, this is a landmark development concerning the evolution in the field of entertainment. Allowing customers to be able to access and even own movies digitally by downloading via broadband internet connections has allowed them more power to be entertained to their satisfaction. Unfortunately, in the period when the movie industry was in aid of embracing digital distribution only a handful of the companies already had started the trend which did not include the video clip download sites (Silver, 2003). Already video streaming and the download sites have been able to provide content including the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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