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The Abolitionist Movement is one of the most revolutionary movements started by the mankind. The movement fought for equality for blacks and demanded immediate emancipation for all slaves. This movement saw many visionaries who spearheaded the movement for attaining…
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Reform movement
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Download file to see previous pages Selfish needs of certain people especially if they are in power often result in backlash and revolt. Such revolts arise mostly because of suppression and lack of freedom. There have been many revolutions throughout the world which has changed the world for better.
Abolitionist movement is one such revolution which arose in 1800’s with a motive to achieve emancipation for all slaves and to end all kind of racial discrimination in Unites States of America. People who supported the movement or advocated immediate end to slavery were known as abolitionist.
Abolitionist movement which had started centuries ago was not new to the American people as many African slaves used to kill either themselves or their captors in order to resist slavery. In nineteen century when the society became more liberal and aware, more and more white people condemned slavery as unchristian.1
The first white people to denounce slavery in Europe and European colonies were known as Quakers. Quakers believed in universal equality and demanded equal rights for black and white man. They played an important role in abolishing slavery in Europe and were also behind the abolitionist movement in United States.2
Slaves were chained and were transported in crowded diseases ridden ships. These slaves were subject to abuse from the ship crew. Many of the Africans died on their way to America. The working conditions of these slaves were inhuman and were made to do rigorous labor in dreadful conditions.
Although the movement started in 1800’s the overall sentiment regarding the abolitionist movement remained muted until 1830 when American Anti Slavery Society was formed to raise voice against slavery and the overall anti slavery movement gathered pace.
The movement was very controversial as many powerful businessman and politicians opposed ending slavery, as it meant huge economical losses to them. The movement which started in the year 1800‘s gathered momentum in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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