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Critically assess Jack Donnellys claim that human rights have become a hegemonic political discourse, or what Mervyn Frost calls settled norms of contemporary international society' - Essay Example

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Fundamentally, human rights are supposed to ensure that the dignity of human beings is respected irrespective of an individual’s background. The basic tenets of human rights accentuate on equality. Across the…
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Critically assess Jack Donnellys claim that human rights have become a hegemonic political discourse, or what Mervyn Frost calls settled norms of contemporary international society
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"Critically assess Jack Donnellys claim that human rights have become a hegemonic political discourse, or what Mervyn Frost calls settled norms of contemporary international society'"

Download file to see previous pages The basic human rights of millions of people around the globe continue to be exploited.3
According to Jack Donnelly, human rights have become a hegemonic political discourse. Based on this assertion, human rights have been diluted with extensive political interferences. Additionally, this statement underlines that the powerful nations are increasingly dictating on the nature of human rights within the poor countries in the developing world.4 This perspective undermines the very goal of human rights-to promote equality and freedom among people from all walks of life. There are numerous perspectives towards the framework of human rights. Racial discrimination is among the most notable dimensions of human rights. This is epitomized by famous human rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr. His contribution towards the cause of human rights remains even today. His ideologies towards human rights have greatly contributed towards making the modern society increasingly equal. Despite the efforts of such people, powerful nations continue to influence other countries on the direction that is supposedly acceptable for human rights. For instance, the extensive fighting in the Middle-East region over the past decades is a notable dimension of how human rights have become a hegemonic political disburse. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in these fights.
In essence, the fighting has been largely triggered by political factors such as clamour for power and dominance. In view of these kinds of aspects, it is extremely pertinent to evaluate Jack Donnelly’s claim about the development of human rights as a hegemonic political discourse. This research narrows down on these perspectives while also evaluating the distinctive dimensions of human rights in the modern world.
Human rights comprise of numerous dimensions. Within some contexts, human rights might refer to the prevention of any aspect of human exploitation. Within this context, human rights seek to protect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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