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Power helps states to survive in the international system. Do hegemonies help the maintenance of peace in the international sys - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Hegemony is a system where the power of a single state is exercised over other states in a confederacy. Hegemonic power has an important responsibility in upholding steadiness and direction in the world governance by its military supremacy that keeps the peace and discourages the challenger of the global order…
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Power helps states to survive in the international system. Do hegemonies help the maintenance of peace in the international sys
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"Power helps states to survive in the international system. Do hegemonies help the maintenance of peace in the international sys"

Download file to see previous pages The chessboard of international power politics has already been tabled and all the major stakeholders are dying to have a lion share of the ongoing conflicts in the region that have huge stakes in international politics. The case of Syria For a long time, the Middle East has been a region associated with hegemonic forces. Human massacres, ethnic cleansing, physical destructions, and other gross human crimes in the face of international community characterize the region (John 11). The weakened populations are the subjects of regional dynasties, states, and powerful groups who control both the economic and political power over the years. The emerging geopolitical trends and geostrategic trends all speak about yet another bloody round of hegemony forces that keep on flexing their muscles in every opportunity After the chemical attach of the Syrian civilians in the wake of uprising in Syria, the U.S.A administration almost made up its mind to flex its military muscles in the region. The Obama administration had a strong urge to attack Syria but he had to take into consideration the power politics in the region before taking such a bold step (Keneth 2). The United States administration had to weigh the consequences of such a move and its impacts on the stability and their interest in the region. Despite opposition from various military heads, the Catholic pope and the United Nations Security Council, the Obama administration pushed forward it its bid to end the stalemate in the Syrian region. The Syrian uprising owed a lot to the uprising that toppled the government of Egypt since Syria has often had a love hate relationship with Egypt. The Assad government initially reacted positively by meeting some of the demands of the people but the demands were so much than he could bare as duration continued. The United States Policy The Washington has a lot of interest in gulf monarchies hence they always watch keenly for every move they take both economically and politically. If the current Syrian crisis is left unresolved, it’s possible that the Iranian threat would become a reality and a change of leadership in Syria would mean a political defeat for Iran and its loss of influence in the Gulf. The Obama administration has pursued a number of policies in their attempt to broker peace in Syria and ensure a democratic transition (Dietz 16). The Obama admiration at first demanded a political transition when he called the resignation of Syrian president al Assad by asserting that they call for a democratic transition. The united states have also advocated for an international diplomacy through the United Nations Security Council to condemn the Syrian government to end the bloodshed in their country. The United States supported the efforts to improve the international policy coordination to Syrian people end the stalemate that threaten peace and stability in the country. Through the united nation security council, the United States supported the Annan plan that had a roadmap for ending the crisis that rocked the Syrian republic. Despite these their numerous efforts, they have blamed Russia and China for sabotaging their peace efforts by failing to support such initiatives at the Security Council. They have blamed Russian and Chinese of vetoing the draft resolutions in the Security Council against the Assad regime thwarting the efforts to achieve peace in that region. In the year 2012, the United States ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Power Helps States to Survive in the International System. Do Essay)
Power Helps States to Survive in the International System. Do Essay.
“Power Helps States to Survive in the International System. Do Essay”, n.d.
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Possibilities for peace in the international system: realism versus liberalism regard history as cyclical, in terms of attempting to build order and escape from fear-driven worlds (Lebow, 2007). In regard to the order issue, according to Lebow, most realists see a straightforward solution in the existence of effective central authority, which, besides defending the borders, enforcing laws and protecting citizens, makes domestic politics rather peaceful and qualitatively different from international politics, whereas the international arena remains an anarchical self-help system (2007). Therefore, as stated by Waltz (1979), survival depends exclusively on states’ own capabilities...
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