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How might hegemons encourage the proliferation of regimes among other states - Essay Example

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A true hegemon is characterised as a state which maintains preponderant authority or dominance over others, underpinned by economic, political or military superiority (DuBois 2005). Marxist theory also explores the philosophy of cultural hegemony, whereby a society’s ruling…
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How might hegemons encourage the proliferation of regimes among other states
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Extract of sample "How might hegemons encourage the proliferation of regimes among other states"

Download file to see previous pages cultural hegemonic worldview is therefore successful (largely) due to the economic, military-related or politically-oriented dominance maintained by the hegemon.
An enquiry has been posed, questioning how hegemons might potentially encourage propagation of regimes among other states. Regimes are established governments, cultural norms or rules that guide and control an established institution and serve as the foundation for how this institution engages and interacts with domestic and international societies. In contemporary IR studies, regimes are enacted through interventions by the public and are considered permanent and durable organisations of norms and practices, such as the World Trade Organization or other organization with ample legal support and regulations to achieve institutional objectives. Hegemons, due to their economic or military-related superiority over other states and their ability to influence worldwide cultural norms, are often opposed by other states. The degree to which a state maintains power serves as the underpinning for international relations ideologies and hegemons attempt to exert this power to construct methodologies for constructing international order (Buzan 2004). States that are, therefore, subjugated by hegemons and compelled to assimilate to the dominant cultural values of the hegemon can experience substantial indignation, seeing hegemonic dominance as an affront to domestic state ideologies that differ from the hegemon. Hence, hegemons encourage the proliferation of regimes among other states as an effort to liberate a state from hegemonic dominance, re-exert the subjugated state’s values and beliefs, and create a multi-polar international environment with more equilibrium in the global balance of power and other state influence in exerting unique and differentiated worldviews.
The world, today, is witnessing the rise of a new regime, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a regime with an objective of establishing a ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(How Might Hegemons Encourage the Proliferation of Regimes Among Other Essay)
How Might Hegemons Encourage the Proliferation of Regimes Among Other Essay.
“How Might Hegemons Encourage the Proliferation of Regimes Among Other Essay”, n.d.
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