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Midterm - HIST - Essay Example

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The revolution set out several goals that transformed France and Europe in myriad ways. However, at the same period, there were challenges and obstacles during the revolutionary process. The goals set…
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Midterm - HIST
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"Midterm - HIST"

Download file to see previous pages The meeting took place at Versailles on May 5, 1789.1 The success of the goal was the creation of a national assembly. As a result, it was a success as the event laid a foundation for the creation of a new constitution.
Secondly, the revolts led to various changes in France. The revolts broke out in the name of saving the third state from Louis XVI. Later, the revolts engaged in addressing the ineffective land holding system. In addition, the revolts led to fear among the citizens and many-formed militia fearing attack from foreign troops.2 However, the fear created helped in influencing the national assembly in instituting crucial reforms. The nobility passed momentous reforms in the national assembly. For example, the assembly passed a declaration of the rights of man.3 Consequently, there was spread of liberal believes in the country. For example, there was access to public office, end of exemptions from taxation, and the people were allowed take part in making of laws.4 Moreover, there was a guarantee in the freedom of speech and the press.
Moreover, the march to Versailles was instrumental. The march resulted from king failure to return to Paris he was against changes. The march largely comprised of women. The march forced the king to accept new decree by the national assembly.5 The king returned to Paris and feudalism was abolished as well as Declaration of rights.6
The other significant issue was the process of overcoming the enemies of the revolution. The effect was setting of revolutionary courts for trying the enemies of the revolution. This came to be known as the Reign of terror.7 The consequence was a creation of more space for the church as they were given place to reopen. Moreover, there was a passage of a new constitution and the establishment of a national legislative assembly.
The other significant step was the coup d’état. A general known as Napoleon Bonaparte led the coup. The revolution was as a result, of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Midterm - HIST Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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