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National Policy Issue - Immigration Reform - Research Paper Example

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The essay "National Policy Issue - Immigration Reform" analyzes an immigration reform, which has been in the news lately owing to the effects that the midterm elections will have on it. A border patrol crisis has emanated owing to busloads of a new underage immigrant arriving from South countries…
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National Policy Issue - Immigration Reform
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Extract of sample "National Policy Issue - Immigration Reform"

Download file to see previous pages • The economic recession in the early 1990s led to the public developing a sentiment was against immigration-friendly policies.• The economic recession in the early 90s led to the public developing a sentiment was against immigration-friendly policies.• The Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act came into effect.IV. Many law makers realized that much had to be done in order to have a comprehensive immigration system.• Their efforts culminated in a comprehensive Reform Act passed 2 years later. • Barack Obama pledged to pursue immigration reform but was unsuccessful in his first term. V. In 2013, prospects for reform appear to be much higher with a draft legislation that has a number of contentious. • The bill calls for higher border security in the form of greater border patrol agents. • To meet the needs of the agricultural community, a seasonal workers program must be passed.• The path to citizenship involves the payment of back taxes, legalization fees among others.VI. Recently, a migration crisis has been looming at the border as a number of undocumented children have been arriving in the country. • The president has called it a humanitarian crisis that requires immediate action from Congress. • These children have arrived in tens of thousands and sparked outrage among natives in border towns.• Many are from states like Honduras and other Central American nations and are giving more impetus for legislation in the Senate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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