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How people dress, the arts, architecture, and most importantly how people relate to one another are influenced by the music we listen to in one way or another. There are many genres of music, each defining our…
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Midterm Paper
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"Midterm Paper"

Download file to see previous pages Sheiks, on the other hand, were young men with ukeleles, racoon coats, and bell-bottom trousers. Therefore it is correct to deduce that music plays a major role in the development of fashion trends.
In the early 1910s, there arose a craze for orientalism after the performance of Rimsky Korsakovs Scheherazade in Paris by the Ballets Russes. Paul Poiret, a couturier, was the first to bring orientalism to the fashion industry. It marked the end of the tight corsets and the birth of clothing that was less restrictive. It is during this era that the harem pants were created. Harem pants are long and baggy trousers that are caught in at the ankle. Harem pants were also called harem skirts and were inspired by styles from the Middle East. Poiret is credited as the person who single-handedly invented trousers for women. At inception, harem pants were quite popular with the public because they offered more comfort and eased mobility1.
However, Poirets sense of fashion was not a unanimous hit. Critics looked down upon the pants often referring to them as indecent and immoral. The critics’ views were based on the conventional beliefs that it was unnatural for Western women at that time to put on trousers. In contrast, the designer insisted that he only designed them to flatter the full image of the chic woman. The pants also liberated the fashion limitations of the Western women. Poiret’s new fashion trend consequently influenced Paquin, another couturier, and one of Poirets worst critics. Other designers who also invented trousers for women include: Jeanne Margarine Lacroix, and Bourniche2.
Sheherazade was composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1888. It is based on pictures from One Thousand and One Nights, sometimes known as the “Arabian Nights” as well as other unconnected episodes. Considered the composers most popular work, it combines a bright and dazzling orchestration, and a unique interest in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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