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Ending Vandalism Inside the University of Maryland Campus - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Ending Vandalism Inside the University of Maryland Campus" states that Vandalism is an important issue because of its negative effects on the welfare of the University and community members, including the police, students, teachers, staff, and visitors…
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Ending Vandalism Inside the University of Maryland Campus
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Extract of sample "Ending Vandalism Inside the University of Maryland Campus"

Download file to see previous pages Kevin Muldoon and Robert Luo were helpful in fixing my paper’s grammatical mistakes and in improving the importance of my paper to target audiences, especially in explaining why the latter would need the suggested transportation management system. Furthermore, I learned that the comparing and contrasting approach is difficult, particularly when I cannot find actual campus anti-vandalism programs that are similar to what I have in mind. However, this approach is best for this paper because it is a recommendation paper and I want to know what anti-vandalism programs are already working to provide useful suggestions. Doing a comparing and contrasting approach helps enhance my knowledge about anti-vandalism efforts.
Aside from these writing strategies, my strengths are my interpersonal skills and my organized writing skills. I am an extrovert and I believe I have strong interpersonal skills. In Assignment 3, for example, I already have a good student-police relationship with my MPO Robert Jenshoej of the University of Maryland Police because I already asked help from him in my past studies and class projects. Strong interpersonal skills are essential in conducting primary research because I need to talk directly with people in many instances. This class has made me realize my strengths in building and maintaining trust with my audiences. In addition, I also have well organized writing skills. I am a good planner because I prefer setting a manageable pace for my research and writing processes. I also enjoy writing drafts and getting feedback because they help me improve the clarity and relevance of my writing more to my target audiences.
I am not a good critique of my work though, and it is something I want to work on. Technical writing is difficult for me because it is not the core skill that I have developed in my past courses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ending Vandalism Inside the University of Maryland Campus Research Proposal.
(Ending Vandalism Inside the University of Maryland Campus Research Proposal)
Ending Vandalism Inside the University of Maryland Campus Research Proposal.
“Ending Vandalism Inside the University of Maryland Campus Research Proposal”.
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Second, this class improved my ethical use of resources. I am not aware before of how to properly cite my sources. I sometimes forget to put in-text citations, which is why my ideas may lack credibility. Feedback from my classmates and professor helped me learn how I can improve my referencing ability, such as when they asked me where I got my ideas and to substan...
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